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Nexter Systems at ShieldAfrica 2017
Nexter introduces its FINDMP innovative Digital Sand Box to African market
After having been unveiled at Eurosatory 2016 and presented in Orlando during I/ITSEC 2016, Nexter's FINDMP innovative Digital Sand Box made its first appearance in Africa on the occasion of ShieldAfrica 2017 international defense and security exhibition.
ShieldAfrica Abidjan Defense Security Exhibition 2017 22Nexter's FINDMP Digital Sand Box introduced for the first time in Africa
FINDMP is a complete system for mission preparation. It is composed of two interoperable tools : a Digital Sand Box - DSB for command levels from 6 to 3; and several digital tablets dedicated to tactical analysis (Tactical Analysis Systems - TAS) for command levels 6 and 5.

Nexter's FINDMP is used for military decision making process during operational engagement and during instruction for the tactical know-how. It is a digital solution that offers modularity and immediate reversability to follow the pace of maneuver (planification, preparation and conduct).

FINDMP eases combined arms coordination and offers indirect fires support functionality (plane, helicopter, UAV, Artillery, mortar...) and reduces the delay of military decision making process being interoperable with new command and control systems (analysis, decision, communication) and with simulation means.

This innovative Digital Sand Box increases performances in pedagogy (lisibility and interactivity), in terrain analysis (3D visualization). It is easy to use. It helps to study industrial and technological risks (flood, toxic cloud predictions).

FINDMP caracteristics include 2D and 3D Cartography ; Librairies (intelligence, order of battle, photos, videos) ; 3D dynamic line of sight visualisation ; Tactical and graphical editors ; Terrain analysis ; Threats analysis ; as well as Indirect fire support ; and Close Air Support (helicopter attack, flight plane...). The DSB also features Tactical situation awarness : import and data visualization (Operational order, Frago, etc..) ; Data management ; and Simulation (operational readiness, rehearsal).