ShieldAfrica 2019: Nexter military equipment and combat vehicles tailored for Africa

At ShieldAfrica 2019, the Defense and Security Exhibition with takes place in Abidjan from the 22 to 24 January 2019, French Company Nexter, a KNDS Group company, European leader in the manufacturing of defense and security products, presents a wide range of military equipment in the field of artillery, armored vehicles, naval and air weaponry, robotics and ammunition.

Nexter from France military equipment and combat vehicles tailored for Africa
Nexter booth at Shieldafrica 2019, International Defense and Security Exhibition in Abidjan, Côte d'Ivoire, Januray 22, 2019. (Picture source Army Recognition)

Based on the experience of the French Army's using wheeled Armored Combat Vehicle (VBCI) on the African territory, the CAESAR® 155mm artillery system and the Highly Protected 4x4 Armored Vehicle ARAVIS®, Nexter exhibits its full range of combat vehicles adapted to the operational requirements of African land forces.

At the Nexter’s booth, visitors can also see scale models of the 105LG towed gun and the TITUS®, in armored personal carrier (APC) and homeland security (HS) versions. This versatile, robust and reliable military equipment perfectly meets local needs, both in the city and difficult terrain as well as across the spectrum of missions, from peacekeeping to high intensity missions, through counter terrorism and homeland security operations.

In addition, Nexter exhibits innovative solutions in the field of UGVs (Unmanned Ground Vehicles) and UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles), such as the NERVA® a mini, multi-purpose unmanned ground vehicle.

Nexter is also active in the naval and aerospace defense business showcasing its famous 20mm gun that can be mounted on different weapon station including the P20 (manual mounting for light vehicle), the POD NC621 (Pod canon for helicopters and light aircraft), the NARWHAL® (remotely-operated and stabilized naval turret), or the 15A / 15B (light naval mounting).

Finally, Nexter is also able to provide a wide range of ammunition from 20 mm to 155 mm, including tank and artillery ammunition.