ShieldAfrica 2021: Aeronautics Group exposes Orbiter 2 UAS

Aeronautics Group - a leading provider of integrated turnkey solutions based on unmanned systems platforms, payloads, and communications for defense and HLS markets– participate at Shield Africa 2021, presenting its Orbiter 2 UAS.

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Orbiter 2 unmanned aircraft system at Shield Africa 2021, Abidjan (Picture source: Army Recognition)

The Orbiter 2 MUAS is a compact, lightweight man-portable system designed for use at tactical levels. A combat-proven and reliable platform with great performance, the Orbiter 2 MUAS serves a variety of military missions including intelligence gathering, surveillance, target acquisition, and reconnaissance (ISTAR).

Orbiter 2 MUAS can support full-intensity warfare missions, and serve operations at low-intensity warfare, counter-insurgency, and urban warfare.

Orbiter 2 MUAS is also successfully serving civilian missions in HLS, border protection, and maritime surveillance. The system is operated and controlled by the Aeronautics proprietary Multi Operation Aerial Vehicle (MOAV) software, an advanced interface developed in-house.

MOAV software is designed to serve a range of UAV platforms and is compliant with NATO interfaces such as STANAG 4609.

The digital datalink-fitted system has an extended endurance of up to 4 hours; payload capacity of 1.5 kg and operational radius of 100 km. The system is fully compatible with industry standards, including STANAG 4586 (NATO) for UAS controls, and H.246 for video streaming.