ShieldAfrica 2021: Ivorian police demonstrate drone capabilities

The Ivorian national police demonstrated during the International Land Exhibition Shield Africa 2021, the capabilities of the drone Matrice M200. The DJI Matrice 200 series drones are pro-quality machines.

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DJI Matrice M200 drone during a demonstration at Abidjan (Picture source: Army Recognition)

They were designed and built for heavy-duty applications such as precision agriculture, search and rescue, site mapping, power-line, telecom tower inspections, and solar inspections.

Within the Matrice 200 series, there are three models: the DJI M200, the DJI M210, and the DJI M210 RTK V2. Each of the Matrice 200 series models is easily capable of the heavy-duty work necessary for a variety of industrial applications.

There are a few important variations that may lead you to prefer a specific model.

The M210 RTK (Real Time Kinematics) offers a more stable GPS lock in difficult environments, for example, in areas with high electromagnetic interference, such as around power lines. The extra stability allows greater precision for data collection, which is especially useful for mapmaking, photogrammetry, and surveying. Construction, engineers, miners, and surveying professionals will appreciate the additional accuracy.

The inclusion of the RTK is the primary difference between the M210 and the M210 RTK V2.

While the M200 and M210 are similar in many aspects, they have some important differences. The M200 has a single downward mounted gimbal, while the M210 allows for three choices: a single downward gimbal, a single upward gimbal, and dual downwards gimbals.

The M210 is slightly heavier than the M200 (10.1lbs/4.57kg vs. 9.99lbs/4.53kg – with two TB55 batteries). And it has a slightly lower max payload (3.46lbs/1.57kg vs. 3.55lbs/1.61kg – with two TB55 batteries).