SOFINS 2021: Novadem unveils new concept coupling Metravib Pilar V and NX70 micro-drone

Coupling between the Metravib Pilar V and the Nodadem NX70 micro-drone: Novadem presents a new operational concept, resulting from the pooling of two cutting-edge technologies, more precisely the interoperability between the acoustic gunshot detection system Pilar V and the NX70 intelligence micro-drone.


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NX70 micro drone on top and Pilar V at right during Sofins 2021 (Picture source: Army Recognition)

Pilar V is a fully passive device providing real-time threat detection, identification and localization. This efficient protection drastically increases the survivability of vehicle and its crew. Information is provided to the BMS, RWS fire control unit or to a specific PILAR display unit. Threat discrimination and precise target designation provided by Pilar V enhances full situational awareness, immediate reaction and efficient return fire (slew-to-cue capacity of RWS). Perfectly adapted for MRAV protection, Pilar V can be used on stationary and moving vehicles in all terrains.

Compact and ruggedized, Pilar V can be provided as an integrated solution or as a standalone mission kit quickly deployable. Networked with the BMS, the Pilar V is an essential sensor of the “collaborative combat” and info valorization to exchange tactical information between vehicles and optimize operational efficiency.

The second generation of NX70 : since 2016, the NX70 has evolved over the years and from RETEX users to arrive in its latest version, NX70 "Block 2". A 1kg micro-drone, the NX70 has a flight range of up to 45 minutes and a range of up to 5 kilometers. The NX70 can fly in difficult weather conditions (wind up to 65 km/h, rain, dust, higher temperature range) ensuring a high availability rate. Its data links are encrypted and specific to military needs; no information is stored onboard the drone and no internet connection is required to operate the equipment, thus limiting any risk of compromise.

Beyond its day and night detection and recognition capabilities, the NX70 can be equipped with extended capabilities allowing it, for example, to perform observation missions lasting several hours thanks to its power supply device from the ground via a cable or to carry additional releasable devices such as a medical kit, smoke detector, etc. Its hardened steering interface is compatible with formats for maps and coordinates in the defense sector.

The NX70 easily integrates into a larger system (weapon system, tactical situation) to increase its operational value. Share information captured by the NX70 through automatic observation reports (OBS report, Tactical Messaging, STANAG 4609).

The NX70 has been tested in various theater of operation around the world. The system has evolved based on feedback of customers like the Technical Section of the French Army, Foreign Special Forces or the French Navy.