SOFINS 2021: Technamm unveils its new 4x4 tactical vehicle based on Peugeot LandTrek pickup

The French company TECHNAMM, a designer of military vehicles unveils a new concept of tactical vehicle named Land Tech 3.5 at SOFINS 2021, the Special Operations Forces Innovation Network Seminar and Exhibition. The new vehicle is based on the new pickup LandTrek manufactured by the French company Peugeot.

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The new Technamm 4x4 tactical vehicle Land Tech 3.5 based on Peugeot LandTrek pickup unveiled at SOFINS 2021. (Picture source Army Recognition)

The French Company TECHNAMM has already designed different types of tactical vehicles which are based on the Toyota Land Cruiser chassis. In late 2016 the French Government ordered an interim batch of 500 vehicles, known as the T4 VLTP NP, to partially replace the aging Peugeot P4 fleet and some other tactical vehicles in services with the French Army.

TECHNAMM has also produced the VPS 2, a light tactical vehicle that is now in service with the French Special Forces. The vehicle is also based on a Toyota Land Cruiser chassis.

At SOFINS 2021, TECHNAMM has unveiled its new Land Tech 3.5 using the LandTrek pickup from Peugeot. The vehicle maintains the design of the civilian version but configured and enhanced for military applications.

The Peugeot LandTrek was designed in collaboration with the Chinese company Changan Automobile, the new Peugeot pick-up shares its ladder-frame chassis and powertrains, plus most of its body, with the Kaicene K70. The vehicle was unveiled in 2020. It has one tone payload and capable of 3.5 tons towing capacity.

The LandTrek can be powered by a four cylinders 2.4 l petrol engine or 4 cylinders 1.9 Turbo-Diesel engine. The vehicle can reach a top speed of 180 km/h.

The Land Tech 3.5 is configured to carry five military personnel with a crew cabin at the front and a cargo area at the rear which can be fitted with additional seats. At SOFINS 2021, the roof of the vehicle was fitted with a weapon station armed with one 12.7mm heavy machine gun.