According to the Constitution, the President, as head of the national executive is the Commander-in-Chief of the South African National Defence Force (SANDF), and he is responsible to appoint the Chief of the SANDF. The department of Defence resorts under the Minister and Deputy Minister of Defence and their office is called the Ministry of Defence. The Secretary of Defence, who is a civilian director general, is the head of the department and acts according to the Constitution, Public Service Act of 1994 and the Public Finance Management Act of the 1999. The total armed forces of South Africa is around 75,000 personnel, There is no conscription.
The Land Forces of the South African armi are composed by 34,460 soldiers., with the structure:
- 2 Brigade HQ's
- 2 mechanised infantry battalions, 3 motorised infantry battalions, 10 light infantry battalions, 4 artillery regiments, 2 field engineer regiments, 1 construction regiment, 4 Survey and Mapping Regiment, 1 Military printing regiment,1 tactical intelligence regiment.

Military equipment and vehicles South African Army South Africa.