The King of Sweden holds the military rank of General of all three military forces, but he not longer is the titular Commander-in-Chief. Political authority over the Armed Forces is exercised by the Cabinet of Defence. The Ministry of Defence is responsible for defence matters within the Cabinet of Defence, but exercises no personal military authority. The total armed forces are around 9,600 soldiers, 8,000 conscripts and 6,500 civilians. On full mobilisation the capacity is around 200,000 soldiers.
The Land Forces of Swedish Army is around 6,200 soldiers, including 3,200 professionals, 2,200 conscripts and 800 civil employees, with the structure:
3 army brigade commands:
- Southern Skâne, Brigade in Revingehed
- Skaraborg, Brigade in Skövde
- Norrboten, Brigade in Boden.

Military equipment and vehicle Swedish Army of Sweden.