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The Tanzania Peoples’ Defence Force (TPDF) army was set up in September 1964. The Tanzania army was given a very clear mission: to defend Tanzania and everything Tanzanian, especially the people and their political ideology. Tanzanian citizens are able to volunteer for military service from 15 years of age, and 18 years of age for compulsory military service upon graduation from secondary school. Conscript service obligation was 2 years as of 2004. The totale active manpower is around 44,000 soldiers, including 20,000 conscripts.
The land forces of Tanzanian army are 42,000 personnel with the structure:
3 division HQs, 1 armoured brigade, 8 infantry brigades, 6 artillery batteries (2 field, 2 AA, 2 mortar), 2 ATK battalions, 1 SAM battalion with SA-3 and SA-6, 2 signal battalions, 1 engineer battalion, 1 commando battalion.
Tanzania military equipment and vehicles of Tanzanian Army