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The PARS 4x4 is a wheeled armored vehicle developed and designed by the Turkish company FNSS and is the last member of the PARS family of wheeled armored vehicles. The vehicle was unveiled in May 2015 during IDEF, International Defense Exhibition that was held in Istanbul, Turkey. The Pars 4x4 is also available in an anti-tank version fitted with a remotely operated weapon station armed with anti-tank guided missiles such as the Russian Kornet-E, the Turkish MIZRAK-O, the Ukrainian SKIF, or other anti-tank guided missiles.
PARS 4X4 has been designed to undertake special operational roles such as advanced surveillance, antitank, command and control, low silhouette, and amphibious capabilities. The vehicle with its crew of 5 can operate in deep and fast-flowing water without any preliminary preparation. Thanks to its small size with a length of around 5 m and its weight of fewer than 13 tons, the PARS 4x4 can easily be transported by military transport aircraft such as C130H, A400, C17, C-5 Galaxy, and CH-47 Chinook helicopters.

PARS 4x4 FNSS variants:

The PARS 4x4 can be configured to conduct a wide range of missions according to customer requirements and needs.

Technical Data

The PARS 4x4 can be fitted with a wide range of remotely operated weapon stations that can be armed with one 7.62mm and 12.7mm machine gun or 40mm grenade launchers. The vehicle can be also fitted with an anti-tank weapon station such as the tracked armored vehicle Kaplan. The weapon system mounted on the anti-tank version consists of two launcher tubes able to launch anti-tank guided missiles such as the Russian Kornet-E, the Turkish MIZRAK-O, the Ukrainian SKIF, or other anti-tank guided missiles. Two banks of four smoke grenade dischargers are mounted at the rear roof top of the hull. 
Design and protection
The design of PARS 4x4 is very unique with the crew seated at the front with the driver at the left and the commander at the right. The driver's cabin features a transparent ballistic armor that offers a wide field of 180° view for both the driver and the crew. Three more seats are available back on the driver and commander positions. The engine compartment is located at the rear of the vehicle. Each side of the hull is equipped with one single door that opens to the front. The hull and all the windows of the vehicle provide a high level of protection against ballistic threats according to the NATO specifications STANAG 4569. The armor used to protect the vehicle also offers protection against the blast and explosion of land mines and IEDs (Improvised Explosive Devices).
The PARS 4x4 is motorized with a Diesel engine coupled to an automatic transmission with an axle lock for use on slippery surfaces and soft soil with seven forward and one reverse gear. The engine can use F34 and JP8 fuels and has a power-to-weight ratio between 25hp/t and 30hp/t. The mobility of the PARS 4X4 is enhanced by its central tire inflation system and it also has a run-flat capability thanks to its in-tire solid disc system. The PARS 4X4 can reach a maximum road speed of 110 km/h with a maximum cruising range of 700 km. It can be operated on any rough terrain with a low center of gravity, fully independent suspension system, ABS-assisted hydraulic disc brakes, low ground pressure and increased angles of approach and departure. It can climb a gradient of 70% and a side slope of 40%. It can cross a vertical obstacle of 0.4 m and a trench of 0.8 m and has a turning radius of approximately 7.5 m. The vehicle is fully amphibious and can cross water obstacles thanks to the use of two propellers mounted at the rear of the hull.
Standard equipment of the PARS 4x4 includes a command and control system, navigation system, communication equipment, and auxiliary power unit (APU). Thanks to the hydraulic recovery winch, located at the front of the vehicle, it has the ability to provide self-recovery when required. The PARS 4X4 also provides the driver and the commander with integrated night and day vision cameras that enable operations during night drives with or without using blackout lights. The command and warning panels and the height-adjustable mine-protected seats have been specifically developed for the commander, driver, gunner, and troops. The roof of the vehicle is equipped with day/night cameras offering 360° situational awareness around the vehicle for the driver and commander. The vehicle is also equipped with a central tire inflation system, and it also has a run-flat capability.


Armament Armor
Different types of weapon stations armed with one 7.62 or 12.7mm machine gun, one 40mm automatic grenade launcher, or anti-tank guided missiles Protection against the firing of small arms and artillery shell splinters
Country users Weight
Turkey ?
Designer Country Speed
Turkey 110 km/h
Accessories Range
Driver vision system, night vision, command and control system, navigation system, VHF/UHF radios, and crew intercommunication system Up to 700 km
Crew Dimensions
2 + 3 Length: 5.0 m; Width: 2.6 m; Height: 3.1 m

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PARS 4x4 multirole wheeled armored vehicle FNSS front view 001 PARS 4x4 multirole wheeled armored vehicle FNSS rear view 001
PARS 4x4 multirole wheeled armored vehicle FNSS left side view 001 PARS 4x4 multirole wheeled armored vehicle FNSS right side view 001

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