Analysis: Discover Ukrainian Brimstone anti-tank missile launcher system to counter Russian tanks

On May 13, 2022, a video was published to the Russian social network "VK" showing a firing test of the new Brimstone anti-tank truck-mounted launcher system developed by Ukraine to counter Russian main battle tanks and armored vehicles. In this video, an exclusive interview about the new anti-tank version of the Brimstone missile mounted on a Polish BMP-1 (BWP-1) tracked armored IFV (Infantry Fighting Vehicle).
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Ukraine has conducted a firing test with a new Brimstone anti-tank missile truck-mounted launcher unit designed to counter Russian tanks and armored vehicles. (Picture source VK Screen Shot Video)

The Brimstone is a family of guided missiles that was developed and designed by the International Defense Company MBDA, primarily to be used as air-to-surface missiles and to destroy tanks and armored vehicles. The missile has a range from 8 to 19 km.

Brimstone is a "fire-and-forget" missile, which is loaded with targeting data by the weapon systems officer (WSO) prior to launch. It is programmable to adapt to particular mission requirements. This capability includes the ability to find targets within a certain area, and to self-destruct if it is unable to find a target within the designated area.

The Brimstone missile entered into service with the British Air Force in March 2005. The Brimstone missile made its first firing against a fast in-shore attack craft in June 2012. MBDA has also developed a naval version of the Brimstone called Sea Spear which was tested for the first time in June 2012.

In March 2019, MBDA conducted the first firing of the Brimstone 3 in Sweden, in surface-to-surface configuration. The demonstrated surface to surface capability was built on the advanced guidance and targeting abilities developed during the Brimstone program and from hundreds of successful operational firings against targets in structures, main battle tanks/armored vehicles, maritime vessels, trucks, fast-moving and maneuvering cars/motorbikes, and individual targets in the open.

The Brimstone missile is designed on a fully fire-and-forget system, requiring no further interaction from the launch platform or a post-launch target designator. Brimstone is armed with a tandem high-explosive anti-tank warhead capable of penetrating explosive reactive armor.

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