Ukraine - Russia Invasion conflict

Topwar.ru report that Ukrainian Telegram channels, allegedly sponsored by members of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, published a video footage taken at one of the training grounds, in which a British Challenger-2 tank using its engineer blade easily levels an anti-tank ditch with earth and pushes "dragon's teeth" concrete obstacles in it. Russian defense lines are equipped with this type of fortification in some sections of the contact line.

The BMD-4M is a powerful asset among Russia's airborne infantry fighting vehicles, renowned for its balanced combination of firepower, mobility, and protection. This vehicle, often regarded as the best-armed air-transportable infantry fighting vehicle (IFV) in the world, could have significant implications in the context of the conflict in Ukraine. Recently, the BMD-4M's 100mm cannon was used to destroy a Ukrainian position at a distance of 4,000 meters, utilizing a drone for target localization.

According to insights provided by Russian military analysts, the Vikhr air-launched missile has the capability to destroy any Western tanks donated to Ukraine. The supersonic missile features a tandem-charge warhead, a powerful attribute akin to that of the Kornet, Fagot, and Konkurs-M Russian anti-tank missile systems. The 9M113M missile used in these systems also comes with a tandem-charge warhead and has proven itself effective in mission delivery.

Topwar.ru website reports that the new heavy infantry fighting vehicle was created on the basis of a Soviet-era T-62M tank, allegedly captured by Ukrainian soldiers on a Russian unit, and handed over to volunteers. A turret from a Russian infantry fighting vehicle BMP-2 with a 30-mm automatic cannon has been fitted to the hull of the tank.

In the world of modern warfare, drones have become an essential tool for artillery units to enhance the accuracy of their operations, especially when working with towed howitzers. Russian artillery units deployed in Ukraine use Orlan-30 drones to increase the accuracy of 152-mm howitzer 2A65 "Msta-B" firing high-precision guided ammunition 3OF39 "Krasnopol". Reconnaissance and target designation was provided by the Orlan-30 UAV.

According to information released by Ukrainian Defense Minister Oleksii Reznikov on June 1, 2023, Ukraine has already received about 60 Leopard 2 tanks from the allies. "So far we have received about two battalions of 30 tanks each, that is, about 60 units in total," said the Ukrainian Defense Minister Oleksii Reznikov."

The Ukrainian Ministry of Defense has released a video showcasing the prowess of the Gepard anti-aircraft armored vehicles, a gift from the German Government. In the video, these vehicles effectively neutralize dozen of drones like the Shahed-136/131, a model extensively used by Russian forces for conducting airborne assaults on Ukraine's major urban centers.

In a striking development in the ongoing conflict in Ukraine, the country's forces have successfully utilized drone technology to destroy Russian most modern Russian T-90M main battle tank. This pivotal event underscores the changing landscape of modern warfare, marked by the strategic use of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs), or drones, and the emerging vulnerability of armored vehicles to drone strikes.

As reported by Oleksandr Shumlin in Ukrainska Pravda on May 26, Oleksii Reznikov, Ukraine's Defence Minister, has test-driven a Ukrainian-made Bohun all-terrain vehicle and said several such vehicles were deployed at the front: "I have said before that it is always a pleasure to try out the vehicles that go to the frontline, and when it comes to Ukrainian-made ones, it is a pleasure! "

Released on Telegram on May 21, 2023, a dramatic video captures the moment when a Ukrainian Strela-10 air defense missile system of the 93rd Mechanized Brigade, also known as the SA-13 Gopher in NATO codification, successfully intercepts and destroys a Russian Orlan-30 drone. The UAV, representing Russia's latest generation of unmanned aerial vehicles, was deployed for reconnaissance operations and artillery fire accuracy enhancement.

In an escalating development in the ongoing conflict in Ukraine, newly released images on Russian social networks indicate an intensification of Russia's support for the Wagner Group. This private military contractor, linked to the Russian government, is reportedly preparing for a potential counteroffensive by the Ukrainian armed forces. The images depict Wagner personnel training with the T-90M, Russia's latest Main Battle Tank, at the Molkino military facility.

According to information published by the Ukrainian defense website "Defense Express" on May 5, 2023, the Ukrainian air defense has successfully intercepted a Russian undetectable Kh-47 Kynzhal hypersonic missile using the American Patriot PAC-3 air defense missile system. The Kh-47 is considered a stealth missile, indeed, it is designed to have a low radar cross-section, making it difficult for enemy radars to detect it. The missile is also highly maneuverable, which makes it difficult to intercept.

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