Stugna-P anti-tank guided missile system
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General information
The Stugna-P is an anti-tank missile system designed and manufactured in Ukraine. Stugna-P has been developed by Kiev-based Luch design bureau to compete with foreign models of the same class. Round comprising "STUGNA" antitank guided missile is intended for firing from the tank T-55 or antitank artillery gun MT-12 against stationary and moving modern armoured objects with combined, incomplete or monolithic armour including ERA (explosive reactive armour), and also against pinpoint targets like weapon emplacements, tank in a trench, lightly armoured objects. The Stugna-P is able of destroying low-altitude, slow-moving aerial targets. The laser-guided system has a range of 4,000 meters and can penetrate armor up to 800 millimeters thickness. The operating temperature range is from - 40° to +60°. Stugna-P is able to destroy armored targets on all terrain condition in various climatic conditions at a distance of 100 to 4000 meters.
Variants :
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Anti-tank missile
Country users
Country designer
100 to 4,000 m maximum
Missile weight
2,42 kg
Type of engaged targets
modern main battle tank and armoured vehicles
Armour penetration
800 mm
tandem hollow-charge
Guidance sysem
Semi-automatic by laser beam
Dimension missile
Length, 1,196 m
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