UMEX 2020: AeroVironment showcases tactical UAS

AeroVironment provides customers with more actionable intelligence so they can proceed with certainty. Based in California, AeroVironment is a global leader in unmanned aircraft systems and tactical missile systems, and serves defense, government and commercial customers. At UMEX 2020, the company is highlighting its tactical UAS Wasp AE, Raven and Puma AE among other products.

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Wasp AE RQ-12A (Picture source: Army Recognition)

Wasp AE RQ-12A

Weighing in at just over a kilogram, the Wasp AE delivers best-in-class capabilities for an unmanned aircraft system of its size, including stealth-like manoeuvrability, superior imagery, encrypted video and exceptional ease of use. Wasp’s gimbaled payload is mechanically stabilized, enabling it to transmit advanced imagery in high-wind conditions, while its advanced avionics allow operators the option of manual or autonomous navigation.

The all-environment Wasp combines hand-launch capabilities with deep-stall landing for operations in confined areas on land or water. The aircraft also includes an integrated landing camera that provides operators with exceptional situational awareness as the aircraft approaches the ground.

Army Recognition Official Show Daily News and Web TV UMEX 2020 925 001
RQ-11B Raven (Picture source: Army Recognition)

RQ-11B Raven:

The Raven system is the most widely deployed unmanned aircraft system in the world, ideal for low-altitude intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance missions that depend on rapid deployment and pinpoint maneuverability. Lightweight and simple to operate, the Raven is rucksack portable and can be hand-launched for day or night observation. The Raven has an optional stabilized gimbaled payload, and delivers real-time color and/or infrared imagery to the ground control and remote viewing stations.

Thanks to its advanced avionics, Raven can be operated manually or programmed for autonomous navigation. AeroVironment’s common GCS interfaces with all of its tactical ISR air vehicles reducing the level of training required and decreasing the time and cost involved.

Army Recognition Official Show Daily News and Web TV UMEX 2020 925 001
PUMA 3 AE (Picture source: Army Recognition)


AeroVironment’s expertise in UAS technology is epitomized by our third-generation Puma 3 AE (All Environment). We have equipped the Puma 3 AE with the powerful Mantis i45 gimbaled payload for use in day, night, or low-light environments, an array of communication frequencies (M1/M2/M3/M4/M5/M6), all protected with powerful AES-256 bit encryption, and a reinforced airframe with optional under wing transit bay for secondary payloads and third party applications.

With both manual and autonomous navigation capability, Puma 3 AE’s newly enhanced propulsion system makes it significantly more efficient and easier to hand-launch. Deep- stall lading capability makes aircraft recovery simple and precise. All these advanced features can be used in land or maritime operations.