UMEX 2022: Naval Group showcases Belharra frigate

On February 20th-23rd 2022, Naval Group presents its leading technologies in Abu Dhabi at the UMEX. The SDAM rotary-wing air-raid drone mock-up developed in partnership with Airbus will be displayed on Naval Group’s booth along with the Belharra digital multi-mission frigate one and, among other solutions, a digital representation of the D19 UUV (Unmanned Underwater Vehicle) as well as Sirehna USVs.
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A model of Belharra frigate at Naval Group's booth (Picture source: Army Recognition)

• SDAM, future aerial drone system

Based on an innovative, versatile, robust and economical helicopter platform, the SDAM drone system is being developed by Airbus in partnership with Naval Group to offer modern Navies the best possible combination of multi-role performance, reliability and operating costs.

Intended for first rank frigates and amphibious helicopter carriers of the Mistral type (PHA), the SDAM can exceed 8 flight hours of operational autonomy with a payload capacity of up to 150 kg at least 80 nautical miles from the ship, offering performance levels that have, until now, been the reserve of aircraft of a significantly higher category and size.

• D19 UUV

Building on its know-how and excellence in the design and manufacture of underwater weapons, Naval Group developed the D19 UUV, a 5 to 8m-long multi-mission underwater drone in the heavy torpedo format which can be deployed for stealth intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR) missions. It can be launched and recovered by submarines, vessels, of from the shore. According to its missions, its payloads are modulable thanks to plug-and-play modular head.

• Sirehna USVs

Sirehna is a subsidiary of Naval Group. Its range of USV comes in various sizes and operational capabilities in the domain of surveillance and protection. Specifically designed for remotely operated or in full autonomy missions, Sirehna’s USV products range goes from USV automation kit, adaptable to any kind of platform and propulsion in order to turn any craft into an USV, to full operational unmanned vehicles.

• Belharra frigate

Belharra is the new combat ship for naval supremacy and crisis management designed for navies looking for a compact frigate able to perform the largest range of missions, stand-alone or within a task force, either for high sea duration missions as for shallow water operations in congested and contested operational environment. As the first digital frigate, Belharra® features high level capabilities in anti-air, anti-surface, anti-submarine and asymmetric warfare domains, integrating French Navy operational legacy acquired in wartime situation. Belharra is able to embark simultaneously a helicopter (10 tons class such as NH90) or the future Joint Light Helicopter and an UAV (up to 700kg).