The President is the Chief-in-Commander of the National Armed Force, and he exercises his authority through the Minister of Defence. The Minister can be either a serving military offer or a civilian, and is responsible for political and administrative matters. The total armed forces are around 82,300 soldiers, included 31,000 conscripts.
The Land Forces of Army is around 75.000 national guards, 12.000 marines and 150.000 soldiers, including 25.000 conscripts, with the structure :
6 inf div HQ, 1 armd bde, 1 cav bde, 1 lt armd bde, 7 inf bde (18 inf, 1 mech inf, 4 fd arty bn), 1 AB bde, 2 Ranger bde (1 with 4 bn, 1 with 2 bn), 1 mobile counter guerrilla bde (2 SF, 1 mot inf, 1 Civil Affairs bn), 1 MP bde, 1 avn regt, 2 engr regt
RESERVES: 4 inf, 1 Ranger, 1 armd, 1 arty bn, 2 engr regt
Venezuela military equipment and vehicles Venezuelan army.

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