Warrior Competition 2018 Day 2 event Pipe Hitter at KASOTC in Amman Jordan

May 1st, 2018, day 2 for Army Recognition online military magazine with its Online Defense and Security Web TV at the Warrior Competition 2018 in KASOTC, King Abdullah II Special Operations Training Center. The second event of the day is the Pipe Hitter.

pipe hitter event 2 warrior competition jordan 925 001
A US soldier at the second stage of the event (Picture source: Army Recognition)

For the 3 stages of the Pipe Hitter, a team of 5 members stays inside a designated waiting zone. Each member of the team must have 2 mags with 6 5.56 rounds each (for a total of 12 bullets) and 1 mag of 3 9mm rounds. The event starts when a pro-timer gives the GO, the first member of the team then go to the first stage where he need to go prone to engage three targets with 2 rounds each trough the barricade opening. The shooter will then move to stage 2, kneel, and shoot 2 rounds at each of the 4 targets trough the barricade openings. Once done, the shooter rises and moves to the 3rd and final stage, stay on his feet and shoot a steel plate trough the barricade openings. As he finishes the course, the soldier run to the waiting area where his other teammates are waiting, when inside the zone a second member can then start the course and repeat all the steps.

The teams have 10 minutes to complete this event. Should the teams go over 10 minutes, they will receive a Tier 5 Penalty (Penalties tiers are explained below). Should any member of the team expose themselves, break the barrier threshold with their muzzle, or shoot the barricade, a Tier 1 Penalty will be assessed for each infraction. At stages 1&2 only the black zone of the targets will counts, any missed shots will results in a Tier 2 Penalty. At stage 3, missing the steel plate results also in a Tier 2 Penalty. At stage 3, there is a red steel plate, if it get shot, whether by accident or shooter confusion, before the last member of the team do it, the event will be stopped.

The Penalties:

- Tier 1 : Procedural errors -5%
- Tier 2 : Missed target (Rifle & Pistol) -10%
- Tier 3 : Minor safety violation -15%
- Tier 4 : Missed sniper shot -15%
- Tier 5 : Failure to complete a stage ( each uncompleted stage will results in a Tier 5 penalty, team with a Tier 5 penalty are automatically placed behind the slowest team that managed to complete the course, and will then be ranked with other team with a Tier 5 penalty) -20%
- Tier 6 : Major safety violation ( the member responsible of the violation will be pulled from the event immediately, the remaining members of the team can continue the event. In addition of the 30% penalty, the team receives penalties for each stage missed by the guilty member.) -30%

Day result of the Pipe Hitter :

1st place : China PAP - Team 2

2nd place: Sweden - Piketen

3rd place: China PAP - Team 1


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