Warrior Competition 2018 Day 3 event The Great Escape KASOTC Amman Jordan

May 2, 2018, day 2 for Army Recognition online Defense and Security magazine at the Warrior Competition 2018 in KASOTC, King Abdullah II Special Operations Training Center. Every day, Army Recognition editorial team publishes latest news and full video coverage about day events of the Warrior Competition 2018. One of the 2 events for today is the Great Escape.

warrior competition the great escape kasotc 925 002
The road event starts with a drive through a forward slalom marked by cones. (Picture source Army Recognition)

For the Great Escape event at the Warrior Competition 2018, the five team members embark in a civilian vehicle. Once all personnel are in the vehicle, the team begins the vehicle exfiltration along a designated route. The vehicle driven by a member of the team must negotiate various driving obstacles as quickly as possible.

The driver of the team must negotiate through the slalom portion until the barrier chicane. The chicanes are to be treated as concrete barriers. If a barrier is hit, the vehicle is disabled and stopped at the designated stopping point marked on the following slide. If the team’s vehicle is disabled, he is notified by red flag at the designated vehicle disable point, and the team must continue the course on foot.

Any team forced to exfil on foot must follow the designated route as if still in a vehicle. Vehicles that strike the yellow barriers will also receive a tier 5 penalty for failing to complete the event as designed.

warrior competition the great escape kasotc 925 001 
All members except the driver gets out to shoot the targets. (Picture source Army Recognition)

For the second part of the Great Escape, the team vehicle entered to a shooting range to engage targets at short distance at three different locations. Upon entering the first designated firing area, the driver stop the vehicle, the entire team minus the driver exit the vehicle, and approach a shooting table.

Each members of the team can load one magazine and engage the targets at the first location. Each shooter must fire two rounds. Once shooters have expended all ammunition or successfully interdicted all targets, they lock and clear their weapons.

The entire team must stay in the designated shooting area until every shooter has been cleared. After the Safety has cleared the team, they will then re enter the vehicle, and the driver will continue movement to the second shooting position where the shooters will engage the second set of targets in the same sequence of events as the first location. Once the shooters have expended their magazine or interdicted all targets, the driver can move to the final stage where team members engage the targets at the final stage. When the Safety has cleared the team to re-enter the vehicle at the final shooting stage, the driver move as quickly as possible to the designated end point where time is stop.

Each team has 8 minutes to complete the Great Escape event. If the team passes the 8 minute time standard, it is assessed by a Tier 5 Penalty.

The cones must be treated by team driver as major obstacles that will damage the vehicle if repeatedly hit. Every cone that is hit will be counted as a Tier 2 Penalty. Should the team fail to engage at least twenty enemy combatants, the team will receive a Tier 5 Penalty.


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