Military and Army news from the world year 2003

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Army Recognition
October 2003

Austria (Mautern) Photograph report from Army Recognition Team
Open Day of the 3° Panzer Grenadier Brigade, all vehicles used by this Brigade.

Sunday October 26, 2003, the team of Army Recognition magazine Internet was invited by the 3° PanzerBrigade for the Open Day with the families of the soldiers. The totality of the equipment of the brigade were exposed, we have photograph the light and heavy armoured vehicles. At the end of the day the brigade carried out a dynamic presentation showing the capacities operational of the equipment and the personnel. To see all the pictures of this photographs report make by the team Army Recognition, visited the photographs gallery Open Day 2003 3° PanzerBrigade.
26 october 2003

M109 Command Post M578 Soldier Austria
4K7FA SB-20 Greif Radar Truck SkyGuard Radar



Austria (Vienna) Photograph report from Army Recognition Team
Naional Day to Austria, Military equipment show to Vienna

During the weekend of October the 25, and 26 2003 the team of Magazine Internet Army Recognition was in Vienna in Austria to make a photographs report about the national day. The army presented a part of this equipment, vehicles and helicopters in the center of Vienna. To see all the pictures of this photographs report make by the team Army Recognition, visited the photographs gallery National Day 2003.
25 october 2003
4K3FA FÜFIA SPz A1 M109A2 Pandur 1A1
Pandur 1 New Camouflage Austrian Soldier Twin Gun 35 mm



Armed Forces of Indonesia in alert for the visit of the President of the United States.

The armed forces of Indonesia deploy armoured tanks of the type Saracen and Scout Car Commando at the time of the visit of the Presidents of the United States George W Bush' S visits some on the island of Bali.
22 october 2003
Saracen and Scout Car Commando



Iraq 19 october 2003
The American armed forces continuous to maintain the peace in Iraq inspite of made an attempt

The American forces armed continuous to maintain peace in Iraq, in spite of the many ones made an attempt. The civil ones and US soldiersare killed. But the President George W Bush' S wants to maintain the pressure and forces the other countries to want to help it in the rebuilding of Iraq. Armoured combat vehicles of infantry of the Bradley type and main battle tankl M1 Abrams are the principal vehicles used by the American forces.
19 october 2003
M1 Abrams M1 Abrams M2/M3 Bradley
Humvee M113 Ambulance  



Indonesia (Bali) 12 october 2003
The forces of safety of the government of Indonesia makes safe the town of Bali

The safety forces of the government indonésien makes safe the town of Bali. Armoured vehicles of the type V-150 commando patrols on the boulevard Denpasar' S of the town of Bali within the framework of the preparation of the 1° birthday of the bombing.
12 october 2003
V-150 commando V-150 commando



Bolivia 11 october 2003
The forces armed with Bolivia are spread in the capital

The armed forces of Bolivia are spread in the capital in order to protect the president and to prevent the demonstrations against the capacity in place. The army deployed wheeled armoured vehicles, Piranha 1 / Piranha 2 and Engensa EE-9 Cascavel, as well as light armoured vehicles of type SK-105.
11 october 2003
Mowag Piranha 1 Engensa EE-9 Cascavel Mowag Piranha 2
SK-105 SK-105 SK-105






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