Turkish company Dearsan showcases Tuzla class patrol boat at ADEX

During ADEX, the Azerbaijan International Defence Exhibition that is helding in Baku, Azerbaijan from 6 to 8 September 2022, Dearsan Shipyard displays a model of a Tuzla class patrol boat.

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A model of the Tuzla class patrol boat at Dearsan Shipyard's booth, Baku. (Picture source: Army Recognition)

The design of the 57-meter Tuzla-class patrol boats was developed by DEARSAN Shipyard. In addition to being the first warship built by the Turkish naval industry, the design and manufacture of the Tuzla-class patrol boat has been satisfied by the Turkish defense industry.

As part of the Turkish Undersecretariat of Defense Industries (UDSI) initiative to strengthen local support to the defense sector, in accordance with the 2007-2011 strategy paper, 16 new-type Turkish-designed patrol vessels have been built by local contractors in Istanbul since 2009. As a key subcontractor, system supplier and prime integrator, HAVELSAN plays an important role in this project.

For the 16 NTPBs, MTU Friedrichshafen will supply 32 engines of the type 16V 4000 M90, including the transmission, to Dearsan Gemi Insaat Sanayi in Istanbul, Turkey. A new generation of 4oo ton boats capable of reaching more than 25 knots is produced according to a Turkish design.

Each patrol boat will be equipped with two 16-cylinder engines, each with a maximum power of 2.72o kilowatts [3.7oo horsepower]. The first engines will be delivered in 1989.

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