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Ukrainian army has taken delivery of 70 pieces of new military equipment

November 17, 2018 07:11
In November 2018, during an official ceremony, Ukrainian army has taken delivery of more 70 pieces of new military equipment and combat vehicles as an upgraded version of the T-72 MBT Main Battle Tank, wheeled armored personnel carrier BTR-3, VARTA, Novator…

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AirShow China 2018: Jonyang JY905-S mine clearance robot vehicle

November 16, 2018
China`s automotive manufacturer Jonyang has developed JY905-S robotized mine clearance vehicle (MCV) that seems to be a copy or derivative of the Russian-made Uran-6 unmanned MCV. The new Chinese system was unveiled at the Airshow China 2018 international…

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U.S. innovative propulsion solutions for ground-based weapons delivery system

November 16, 2018
The joint DARPA/U.S. Army Operational Fires (OpFires) program will soon kick off with three performers awarded contracts to begin work: Aerojet Rocketdyne, Exquadrum, and Sierra Nevada Corporation. OpFires aims to develop and demonstrate a novel…

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CV90 Mk IV MkIV IFV tracked armored Infantry Fighting Vehicle

The CV90 Mk IV is a fifth generation combat-proven Infantry Fighting Vehicle based on the CV90 family of Swedish-made tracked armored combat vehicles designed by Sweden's Defense Materiel Administration (Försvarets Materielverk, FMV), Hägglunds which is now…