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2T Stalker

12 Jun, 2024 - 14:13
2T Stalker Minotor-Service Reconnaissance armoured vehicle a The 2T Stalker is an armored reconnaissance vehicle developed as a private venture by the Bel...


5 Jun, 2024 - 17:47
ACV-15 IFV Armored Combat Infantry Fighting Vehicle a The ACV-15 IFV is an Infantry Fighting Vehicle based on the tracked chassis of the personnel carrier...


12 Jun, 2024 - 14:17
AIFV Véhicule blindé léger de combat d'infanterie a L'AIFV est un véhicule blindé léger de combat d'infanterie, basé sur le châssis du véhicule chenillé M...


16 May, 2024 - 16:27
The AMX-10P is a French-made amphibious infantry fighting vehicle (IFV) that was designed and produced by the French company GIAT Industries (now Nexter) in the 1970s. The development of the AMX-10...

AMX-13 AIFV canon 20mm (FR)

12 Jun, 2024 - 14:26
AMX-13 avec canon de 20 mm blindé de combat d'infanterie a Une version de l'AMX-13 VCI qui est équipé d'une tourelle avec canon de 20 mm et une mitraileus...

Ascod 2

12 Jun, 2024 - 14:29
ASCOD 2 SV General Dynamics Armoured infantry combat vehicle a The ASCOD 2 SV is an armoured infantry fighting vehicle designed and manufactured by Steyr ...


12 Jun, 2024 - 16:27
The ASCOD is a new generation of tracked armored vehicles designed and developed jointly by the companies Santa Bárbara Sistemas (Pizarro) from Spain and Steyr from Austria which are now bu...

Bionix 25 (FR)

12 Jun, 2024 - 14:31
Bionix 25 Véhicule blindé combat d'infanterie a Le Bionix 25 véhicule blindé de combat d'infanterie a été développé dans le cadre d'une demande partic...


3 Jun, 2024 - 0:49
The BMP-1 is a Russian-made tracked armored infantry fighting vehicle (IFV). The BMP-1 infantry fighting vehicle was adopted for service in 1966 by the Russian army.

BMP-1 Grèce (FR)

12 Jun, 2024 - 14:34
BMP-1 Blindé chenillé de combat d'infanterie a Le BMP-1 est un véhicule blindé de combat d'infanterie d'origine russe. Ce véhicule est utilisé par les...


3 Jun, 2024 - 0:49
The BMP-1P is the first major modernization of the BMP-1, built in the mid-1970s. This modernization of the BMP-1 was the result of an analysis of its combat performance in conflicts such as the Yo...


3 Jun, 2024 - 0:50
The BMP-2 is a tracked armored Infantry Fighting Vehicle (IFV) designed and manufactured by the Russian defense industry. This vehicle was based on the Russian-made BMP-1. The BMP-2 was manufacture...

BMP-23 (FR)

12 Jun, 2024 - 14:36
BMP-23 Véhicule blindé de combat d'infanterie a Le BMP-23 est un véhicule blindé de combat d'infanterie, qui fut développé par les industries d'armement ...

BMP-23A (FR)

12 Jun, 2024 - 14:39
BMP-23A Véhicule blindé de combat d'infanterie a Le BMP-23A est une version modernisée du véhicule de base BMP-23. Le BMP-23A est équipé de trois lance-g...


30 May, 2024 - 8:25
The BMP-3 is a Russian-made tracked amphibious infantry fighting vehicle, a successor to the BMP-1 and BMP-2, which entered service with the Soviet army in 1990 and made its first public appearance...


26 May, 2024 - 10:23
BMP-3M Tracked Armoured Infantry Fighting Vehicle   The BMP-3M is an modernized version of the standard BMP-3 tracked armoured infantry fighting vehicle designed an...

Bradley M2

6 Jan, 2023 - 18:51
The Bradley M2 was the standard Armoured Infantry Fighting Vehicle (AIFV) of the U.S. Army since 1983. The first version of the vehicle has undergone many improvements, upgrading and modernization ...

Bradley M2A2 ODS

11 Jun, 2024 - 10:55
The M2A2 Bradley AIFV (Armoured Infantry Fighting Vehicle) was introduced in the U.S. Army in 1988, it's an improved version of the standard vehicle Bradley M2A1. Country u...

Bradley M2A3

3 Mar, 2024 - 0:33
The Bradley M2A3 IFV Infantry Fighting Vehicle is an improved version of the Bradley M2A2. Bradley M2A3, the latest development program, incorporates improvements including enhancements intended to...

BVP M-80 (FR)

12 Jun, 2024 - 14:46
BVP M-80 Véhicule blindé de combat d'infanterie a Le BVP M80 fit son apparition en 1975, c'est un véhicule blindé de combat d'infanterie qui fut conçu...
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