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Wheeled anti-tank vehicles.


4 Jun, 2024 - 7:15
The AMX-10 RC is a French-made wheeled armored vehicle, usually used for reconnaissance and fire support. The AMX-10 RC was developed at the end of the 1970s. The AMX-10RC entered service with the ...


4 Jun, 2024 - 7:15
The AMX-10RCR is an upgraded version of the standard French-made AMX-10RC reconnaissance and anti-tank 6x6 armored vehicle. The AMX-10RCR is being carried out in the three traditional key areas of ...


27 May, 2024 - 9:46
The Tigr Kornet-D is the latest version of an anti-tank guided missile carrier vehicle that enters into service with the Russian armed forces in 2015. The vehicle was unveiled for the first time du...


4 Jun, 2024 - 7:32
LAV TOW Véhicule blindé transport de combat antichar a Le LAV TOW est un véhicule blindé destiné à la lutte antichar. Il dispose d'une tourelle montée...

LAV-300 TOW (FR)

4 Jun, 2024 - 7:35
LAV-300 V-300 TOW Cadillac Gage Véhicule blindé combat antichar a Le LAV-300 TOW est un véhicule blindé pour le combat antichar, un lanceur de missil...

PARS 4x4 Anti-Tank FNSS

7 Jun, 2024 - 11:02
The PARS 4X4 has been designed to undertake special operational roles such as advanced surveillance, antitank, command and control, low silhouette, and amphibious capabilities. The vehicle with its...

Piranha II TOW SpZ 63 (FR)

4 Jun, 2024 - 7:37
Piranha II Tow Mowag Véhicule blindé de combat antichar a Le Piranha II Tow est basé sur le châssis du véhicule de transport de troupe à roues Piranha II....


4 Jun, 2024 - 7:41
RAM MK3 AT NIMROD light anti-tank combat armoured vehicle a The RAM Mk3 NIMROD is a light anti-tank missile combat armoured vehicle. The RAM Mk3 NIMROD is b...

ST1 Type 08

4 Jun, 2024 - 7:21
The ST1 is the export version of the Type 08 tank destroyer 8x8 armored vehicle designed and manufactured by the Chinese Defense Company NORINCO (China North Industries Corporation). The ve...

URO Vamtac Milan (FR)

4 Jun, 2024 - 7:48
URO Vamtac Milan Véhicule léger anti-char a Le URO Vamtac Milan, est équipé d'un poste de tir pour missile antichar Milan monté à l'arrière du châssi...


7 Jun, 2024 - 11:05
VAB Renault VCAC blindé antichar a Le Renault VAB VCAC, est un véhicule de base VAB, équipé d'une tourelle avec missiles Lancelot.   ...

VAB HOT Mephisto

4 Jun, 2024 - 7:54
VAB HOT Mephisto anti-tank missile launcher 4x4 armoured vehicle a The VAB HOT Mephisto is a wheeled armoured vehicle personnel carrier VAB fitted with an...

WZ551 anti-char

4 Jun, 2024 - 7:57
WZ 551/ZSL90 antichar Blindé de combat avec missiles antichar a Le WZ 551 antichar utilise le châssis de base du véhicule à roues WZ551, mais un système d...
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