Russia introduces Ukrainian experience into combat training

MOSCOW, June 2. /TASS-DEFENSE/. The Russian army will introduce Ukrainian tactical and fire experience into combat training in summer, head of the main combat training department of the armed forces Colonel General Ivan Buvaltsev told the Krasnaya Zvezda newspaper.
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The war waged by the Russian army in Ukraine since February 24, 2022, teaches lessons to be implemented in combat training (Picture source: Army Recognition)

He said the Russian forces continue the military operation in Ukraine with minimal losses: “Some time is necessary to comprehend the operation in detail, but we are already changing the training courses and programs and issue information bulletins to inform the troops about positive experience,” he said.

The Russian troops analyze the conduct of the adversary and the engaged weapons. They look for the best ways to fight the adversary. The changes in the training program focus on tactical groups, Buvaltsev said “Actions in small tactical groups, target detection by exposing signs in residential settlements and greenery, covert search and evacuation of the wounded will be better trained in summer,” he said. First medical self-aid and assistance to the wounded will be also trained.

Intensive training of a battalion takes time. “The system is tested and will be the backbone of training,” he said adding the military operation engages units that received the honorary shock title at drills.

304 shock units have confirmed high skills in Ukraine. “In 2021, the list included 671 shock units and formations. It is twice as much as in 2020,” he said.


The Russian army held over 9,000 events in May to prepare for summer training. They included over 2,000 drills and instruction meetings. “The troops have cleared over 500 hectares of training ranges of explosives. Over 7,000 range objects were prepared for the new training period,” Buvaltsev said.

In summer, the armed forces will hold exercises in the eastern strategic direction under the supervision of the General Chief-of-Staff. They will end the preparations for Vostok-2022 strategic command-staff exercise. “The exercise is planned according to the training system of the Russian armed forces that envisages rotating large-scale exercises in various military districts,” Buvaltsev said. Vostok exercise will crown 2022 combat training. It will create a specific strategic situation based on the standoff of two coalitions of states in the eastern strategic direction. The tactical stage will introduce inter-arm interaction of forces prompted by the Ukrainian operation. “The drills envisage various tactical actions of troops that switch from one type of combat to another in a constantly changing situation. Actions of ground and air adversary will be imitated,” he said. Potential combat losses will be estimated, fighting capability restored, and technical and rear provision ensured.

Officers will constantly analyze the situation, forecast its development, and take preventive measures, such as strikes, maneuvers, etc.

Tactical fire

Tactical fire techniques have been introduced in the Russian army since 2017. They train soldiers to fire various small arms and fight hand-to-hand, as well as provide medical assistance in combination with tactical techniques that can help in various combat situations.

The military operation in Ukraine shows that combat success depends on the skills of a soldier to engage firearms in various conditions, including at minimal distances. “The tactical fire drills teach soldiers to comprehend the developments in the battlefield, monitor the situation, prudently move and use shelters and terrain relief,” he said.

Correct decisions and successful interaction with other soldiers, prudent determination of priority targets according to the danger they pose, and selection of firearms according to hostile actions depend on the firing skills of a soldier. “The realities of modern combat show that tactical fire is in need as it develops the skills of rapid and precise fire and combines them with the tactic of actions,” Buvaltsev said.

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