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Proekt-Technika Corporation develops mobile headquarters for Russian Armed Forces
A mobile headquarters (HQ) has been developed in Russia to facilitate staff officers’ work in the field, Shavasp Kalashyan, chairman of the board, Proyekt-Technika Corporation, told journalists on Thursday, April 28.
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"We have developed a mobile HQ," Kalashyan said, "that allows both effective work in the field and creature comforts for staff officers."

According to him, the HQ’s command post has gotten two extra modules - the commander’s room and an ablution unit, with their total area measuring about 50 sq.m.

"Everything is housed by modular containers joined together by means of lobbies," the chairman of the board said. "The HQ’s deployment/displacement time is several hours, and two vehicle trips are enough to move it. The HQ’s life support systems make the facility comfortable in ambient temperature between -50°C and 50°C."

According to him, developing the HQ, the designers had to swim against the current as far as the military is concerned. For instance, it took them several years to convince the military that certain comforts would boost the effectiveness of staff officers.

"Previously, the approach to the logistic support hardware was based on minimal sufficiency: a room, work stations, a telephone and no frills," Shavasp Kalashyan said. "No provision was made for rest, an ablution unit was unavailable. However, when we deployed our HQ during an exercise and demonstrated it in private to Defense Ministry leaders, the military reconsidered. Our product is in the official trials now."

According to Kalashyan, this has been the first step. "We need to convince the military," he believes, "that the facility should include other life support features - a mess, a kitchen, so that staff officers going on an exercise can take along a set comprising a work station, a place to cook and eat, a sanitation facility, bunks, etc."

"The Russian General Staff’s Main Operations Directorate has liked the idea and supported us," Kalashyan said.

The Proekt-Technika Corporation is a leader of Russia’s machinebuilding industry in the development, production and maintenance of mobile multipurpose and special hardware.

The company makes multipurpose manned vehicular containers with permanent and variable volumes, commonized box-bodies and their specialized versions for all armed services, mobile logistic and technical support systems, self-contained field camps and mobile hospitals and power supply and electro-technical systems. Its latest products include servicing centers designed for checking, maintaining and fixing military hardware as well as versatile medical, logistic and service platforms. Proyekt-Tekhnika’s products are in service in 21 countries and have been ordered by the Russian Armed Forces under 2020 Defense Procurement Program.
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