Ukrspetstechnika presents its counter-uav solution

Ukrspetstechnika presents its counter-uav solution a the international "Arms and Security 2017" exhibition held in Ukraine.

ukrspetstechnika anti uav gun ukraine 925 001 The system can be mounted on vehicle

The anti-uav gun is designed mainly to counter commercially availabe UAV which may be used to perform acts of sabotage or terrorist attacks. The system can be used to protect big places such as stadiums, air fields or even massive events. The anti-uav gun is based on radio jamming the navigation channels ( both GPS and Glonass). The effective range of the system is up to 2km, additionally, the system can jam drone by creating an interference dome of up to 5km with the setup of omnidirectionnal antennas. The low weight of the system allows it to be transported and used in a backpack or put on any vehicle.