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Defence & Security News - NII Stali, UVZ
Russia develops bar-slat armour to protect combat vehicles
Russia`s defense industry has developed a new type of bar-slat armour in order to increase the survivability of armoured vehicles on the modern battlefield, according to a source in the indigenous military-industrial complex.
Russia develops bar slat armour to protect combat vehicles 640 001UVZ bar-slat armour showcased at RAE 2015 (Photo Army Recognition)
"The new bar-slat armour developed by the NII Stali scientific-research institute (a subsidiary of the Tractor Plants Concern) and the Uralvagonzavod (Russian acronym: UVZ) scientific-production corporation is intended for both tracked and wheeled armoured vehicles. It significantly increases the protection of the vehicles against the rocket-propelled anti-tank grenades armed with high-explosive anti-tank (HEAT) warheads. RPG-7 grenade launcher grenade launchers and SPG-9 recoilless guns remain powerful anti-tanks means being able to eliminate even modern main battle tanks (MBT), infantry fighting vehicles (IFV), and armoured personnel carriers (APC). The bar-slat armour will increase protection of the vehicles against HEAT munitions by 55-60%. It can be integrated with BTR-80/82/82A 8x8 wheeled APCs, BMP-2 and BMP-3 tracked IFVs, BRDM-2 4x4 wheeled armoured reconnaissance vehicles (ARV), and even T-14 Armata MBTs. Bar-slat armour is the cheapest way to increase the protection of vehicles on the modern battlefield. It can be installed even on the Soviet-era APCs and IFVs, such as BTR-50, BTR-60, BTR-70, and BMP-1," the source said.

He pointed out that the bar-slat armour protects both sides of the vehicles and the upper parts of tracks/wheels. It is also applied to the front and rear part of the IFVs or APCs. "About 95% of front, 75% of the sides, and 90% of the BTR-80 or the BMP-2 are protected by the new bar-slat armour. It can be installed even on the roof of the vehicle to enhance protection in close quarter battles (CQB) in urban terrain. It is noteworthy that the full bar-slat armour kit increases a vehicle`s weight by only 1,000 kg," the source said. He added that several states of the Middle East region had previously acquired early variants of the Russian bar-slat armour for BMP-2 and BMP-2D infantry fighting vehicles
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