DEFEA 2021: SPEAR from Israel presents its NINOX VRS Encapsulated Tactical drone UAS

At DEFEA 2021, an international defense exhibition in Greece, Israeli company SpearUAV presents the NINOX VRS, an encapsulated tactical UAS (Unmanned Aerial System). Ready for use at the press of a button, this tactical drone system was designed for launch from stationary and mobile platforms, such as tanks, IFV and more, even on the move.

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Israeli company SPEAR presents its NINOX 40 system Encapsulated Micro Tactical UAS Unmanned Aerial Systems at DEFEA 2021, an international defense exhibition in Greece. (Picture source Army Recognition)

Founded in 2017, Spear is a defense and HLS company that is disrupting the world of unmanned aerial systems with its broad range of solutions, which are used by the military, government, and civilian organizations around the globe. Spear is the single source supplier for several projects with the Israeli MOD. Coming from civilian and military backgrounds, the Spear team combines expertise in areas such as drones, aerospace, AI, software, communications, and more.

Intuitive and easy to operate, the NINOX VRS is a tactical multi-drone system that requires no prior piloting experience. It can be launched from stationary and mobile platforms such as Main Battle Tank (MBT), Infantry Fighting Vehicle (IFV), and others, while on the move, using Ninox launcher or with some adjustments, any existing launcher such as a smoke grenade launcher.

The NINOX VRS can be seamlessly integrated into existing infrastructure to support semi-autonomous decision-making by command, with human intervention.

The NINOX VRS has a flight time of 40 minutes and is capable to carry a payload of up to 1 kg in wind speeds of up to 34 km/h, this ruggedized system is payload agnostic. It has SIGINT/VISINT, relay and non-lethal weapons capabilities and can be integrated with other advanced payloads to provide ultimate field dominance.

The tube launcher has a size from 300 to 600 mm with a weight from 0.25 to 1.7 kg. The drone has a weight from 0.246 to 2.25 kg with a payload from 0.2 to 1 kg. The communication system enables the control of the drone with a range from 3 to 7 km.

Spear has also developed the NINOX 4 System, a micro tactical drone system specifically designed for single-user operation. It can be launched from handheld or standard 40mm grenade launchers. Featuring an encapsulated drone and control unit, the Ninox 40 weights under 250 gr. It has up to 35 minutes of flight capability and extensive ISTAR capabilities with a low noise level, low thermal signature, and low RCS.