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Vigil AAD

Vigil AAD Advanced Aerospace Designs

Automatic Activation Device (AAD) for parachute Made in Belgium

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Vigil AAD Advanced Aerospace Designs is a Belgian SME created in 1970 with the commercialization of compact industrial automation systems for motion control as main business activity, systems adapted to the requirements of customers as to the world market needs (Europ - U.S.).

In 1997, we started to study as to develop an automatic activation device (AAD) for parachutists to compensate the loss of business in motion control due to the relocation of our major customers to the Far East for development and production (Xerox, OCE, Toshiba…)

Given the very specific international market for automatic openers for skydiving, where reliability and security are at the highest level, it took us more than 3 years to design, develop, test and produce our first AAD’s to finally start selling in Europ end 2003.

Business Area

Automatic activation device AAD
The Vigil AAD Automatic activation device is an electronic-pyrotechnic device that automatically opens the main or reserve parachute container at a preset altitude or after a preset time. 
AADs are typically used to open the reserve parachute container at a preset altitude if the descent rate exceeds a preset activation speed. The Vigil AAD system is automatically triggered when the user has not opened his or her parachute, or that the parachute is malfunctioning and is not slowing the descent rate sufficiently.
Vigil AAD developed, designed and manufactured high technology of Automatic activation devices (AAD) which are used by civilian paratroopers and military airborne units. 

The system is an independent back up safety system that will not interfere or restrict the normal parachuting activity. It is designed to activate in emergency situations where the parachutist is not able to perform the proper procedures.

Once the door opens and you leave the plane, the Vigil AAD will calculate the time left over before reaching the activation altitude (for example 1100 ft in PRO mode), by continuously measuring your falling speed and your altitude. The Vigil AAD takes into consideration the speed variation during the free fall and recalculates every 1/8 of a second the time left to reach the activation altitude. When you reach the activation altitude (time = 0) and if you are still falling at a speed above 35m/sec, the VIGIL AAD will instantaneously activate the cutter to allow your reserve parachute to deploy. This patented method ensures a very accurate activation altitude (+/- 60 feet).

The Vigil AAD has been designed to resist a water immersion of 0,5 meter for a maximum of 30 minutes (IP 67). The VIGIL AAD is waterproof (IP 68) and can withstand water immersion of max. 1,8 meters for a maximum of 24 hours. The Vigil AAD doesn’t need filter replacement. It has a built-in stainless steel air filter which does need to be replaced after contact with water.
Research and Development Department
Vigil AAD has is own RND department which is permanently developing new products adapted to our customer needs. Those products are produced, assembled and tested in our Belgian factory. We were the first to introduce the multimode from the start and all our users can download the last 16 jumps through our infrared download system.

Up to now, Vigil has produced more than 58.000 AAD’s of which 99.5% are exported in about 70 countries for the sport and 22 countries for our Military units.
Customer support
The main sales office of VIGIL AAD is located in Brussels which is taking care of the world market with the exception of North and South America which are prospected and followed up by our US Deland (Florida) office. Our motto is the security of our users and up to now, we saved more than 330 life-saving activations.

Company Details

Vigil AAD S.S. is an engineering company specialized in safety automation systems with Headquarters in Brussels, Belgium. Since 1997, the Company has been focusing on the development of security devices for skydivers, by combining his expertise with those of professional skydivers, riggers and manufacturers.



Bd A. Reyers 193,
1030 Brussels
Tel: +32 2 732 65 52
Fax: +32 2 736 06 27
Contact: info(at)

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VIGIL AAD Military
Vigil AAD Automatic Activation Device of parachute for military units and airborne troops 925 001

For the military units and airborne troops, the Belgian Company VIGIL AAD has developed three types of Automatic Activation Device (AAD) including the «VIGIL EAAD Military”, “VIGIL II+c Military” and the «VIGIL II+c Military Single Mode”. All these AADs are tailored for Military operational jumps and air delivery.

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