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NBC-Sys - CBRN Detection & Protection Systems
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Business Area
From design to manufacturing, through to customer support, NBC-Sys – subsidiary of Nexter Group - is a leading expert in various technologies for protection against Chemical, Biological, Radiological or Nuclear (CBRN) threats.

Its range of products covers detection (chemical or biological), individual protection (gas masks, canisters filtering, air conditioning and filtration installed onboard vehicles or in buildings) as well as decontamination (aircraft, vehicles, sensitive equipment and people).

Military and civilian applications

In order to respond more appropriately to its customers’ requirements (military or civilian), NBC-Sys develops an active policy for the future by devoting 20% of its turnover to R&D. With 80% of its workforce comprising of technicians and engineers, NBC-Sys can rely on expertise based on creativity, know-how, dynamic training policy and customer support.

NBC-Sys expertise is world-known on the following fields: chemistry, biology, thermics, aerodynamics, plastics, (hard and soft) electronics, measurements and tests but also ergonomics.

Furthermore, NBC-Sys products are present worldwide, particularly in Europe, Asia and in the Middle-East
Business details
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Biological and Chemical Detection

Specialist in field able equipment for the rapid detection of chemical and biological agents.
• KDTB GOLD® : field biological detection kit
• The chemical toxic agent detector kit (KTDC)
• The individual detector of neurotoxin agents (DETINDIV)
• The paper detector notebook (PDF1)
Individual Protection

60 years’ experience of the development, production and sale of gas masks and filters for the military and civilian markets.
• Gas mask
• Military: ARFA (for soldiers) and MEHARA (for helicopter pilots)
• Civilian: EVATOX (adult, child, baby)
• Filtering canister : NBC NATO, ABEK, Wide spectrum
• Blower : CASU
• Survival : kits LABIC, ISK
Collective Protection – Air Conditioning and Filtration unit for vehicles, tents and ships

Provider of solutions for air treatment in vehicles shelters, ships or buildings with NBC filters: flow rates from 12 to 600m³/h.

• NBC protection systems installed onboard LECLERC tank, ARAVIS®, TITUS®, SHERPA, CV 90…
• Tear gas protection for anti-riot vehicles SHERPA, ISV, ARIVE…
• Life support systems installed onboard ATS, VBCI, SPRAT…
• Air conditioning system installed onboard LECLERC, VAB SIR…
Tents and containers
• AFU 300
• AFU 600
• ATS 15
• Air Filtration Unit 900, 1800,2400, 2700
• A wide range of filters (particle filter, combined filter) for vehicles, shelters (fixed or mobile) and ships.
Decontamination Systems

A complete range of decontamination systems for vehicles, aircraft, sensitive equipment and people.
• MEERKAT® : Multi-purpose decontamination equipment
• BIOCHEMGEL-SYS® : B & C decontamination of infrastructures
• Emergency: a range made with "Fuller's earth" ingredient, powdering gloves and decontamination kit
• DSSM: Decontamination System for Sensitive Material
• SYMODA: MObile SYstem for Air Decontamination
• CERPE: personal decontamination line
• SDA: thorough decontamination system

To enable users to carry out their missions in a hostile Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear (CBRN) environment, NBC-Sys offers a complete range of services:
• From preliminary studies to product studies
• Technical and operational studies
• Conception through manufacture of complex systems
• Qualification
• User training
• Logistical transport
• Laboratory testing with toxic agents of all types
NBC-Sys Contact Information
Headquarters & International Markets
8, rue Maurice Bonnevialle – CS 10226
F-42408 Saint-Chamond Cedex
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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Range of products summary
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GAS MASK ARF-C NBC Sys CBRN Nexter Group France defense industry 130 002 The ARFA gas mask equipment for the armed forces was designed to protect armed forces against toxic agents. Available in four sizes, he can be adapted to any face shape. Used by the French Forces, the ARFA offers a variety of interfaces and accessories to be worn in a variety of operational conditions (voice amplifier, optical insert…)
AFU 600
AFU 600 NBC Sys CBRN Nexter Group France defense industry 130 001
The AFU 600 (for 600m3/h Air Filtration Unit) is a mobile air filtration unit used for ventilation and NBC protection of tents, containers or buildings. The system can be installed inside or outside a building. Used with two NBC filters FMM7, the AFU 600 offers protection which conforms to STANAG AEP54 and 4447 standards.
Chemical Detection KIT KDTB NBC Sys CBRN Nexter Group France defense industry 130 001
The KDTB GOLD® was developed in collaboration with the CEA to carry out a fast and easy field biological detection kit. The principle is to put down a sample on the strip of the searched agent and within less than 15min, the colorimetric reaction allows to visualize if the test is positive or negative.
MEERKAT NBC Sys Multi-purpose decontamination equipment Nexter Group France 130 002
The MEERKAT® is a multi-purpose NRBC vehicle designed to be easily deployable on all types of fields for three types of missions: recognition, sampling and decontamination.

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