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HENSOLDT is a leading company in the European defence industry with global reach. Based in Taufkirchen near Munich, the company develops complete sensor solutions for defence and security applications. As a technology leader, the Company drives the development of defence electronics and optronics and is continuously expanding its portfolio based on innovative approaches to data management, robotics and cyber security. With more than 6,400 employees, HENSOLDT achieved a turnover of 1.5 billion euros in 2021. HENSOLDT is listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange.

HENSOLDT’s main areas of activity include intelligence and reconnaissance sensors, solutions for controlling the electromagnetic spectrum and mission avionics systems. The company combines various mission-critical sensor technologies to create package solutions that allow detection capabilities to be substantially improved through sensor and data fusion. In this way, HENSOLDT helps to avert threats to armed forces and society.

In particular, HENSOLDT focuses on key technologies as defined by the German government in the categories of sensor technology and controlling the electromagnetic spectrum. The company drives their development in its competence centres at its main sites in Germany, France, the UK and South Africa. With its proven expertise, HENSOLDT plays a substantial role in multinational future-oriented projects, such as the Future Combat Air System (FCAS), Main Ground Combat System (MGCS) and Maritime Airborne Warfare System (MAWS).

Its broadly diversified product portfolio is geared towards customers in the defence and security arenas and covers the entire spectrum for air, sea and land missions. HENSOLDT’s solutions are deployed on various platforms, including helicopters, fixed-wing aircraft, unmanned aerial vehicles, ships and submarines, armoured vehicles and satellites.

Among the most prominent air and space platforms equipped with HENSOLDT’s products are the F-16, Eurofighter, Gripen and Rafale combat aircraft, the TanDEM-X and EDRS-A satellites, the A400M transport aircraft and various types of helicopters. Furthermore, the company provides mission-critical equipment for the Puma and Leopard armoured vehicles, class 212 and 209 submarines, the U.S. Navy’s Freedom class of littoral combat ships and the German Navy’s F125 frigates. HENSOLDT optical sights and night vision optics have been chosen for the German Bundeswehr’s Future Soldier programme.

HENSOLDT’s capabilities

As a leading technology company in the defence industry, HENSOLDT provides sensor solutions, electronic warfare technologies and competencies in data analytics and cyber security, enabling armed forces to detect and combat threats in both the analogue and virtual space.

Systems for aviation-related applications, sensors and avionics have been part of HENSOLDT’s core expertise for decades for civil and military application. They ensure information superiority and complete situational awareness, monitor airspace, control air defence systems or improve the safety of air traffic in general
The control of sea lanes, coastal waters and onshore regions requires systems, which can identify potential threats in these extremely difficult environmental conditions. HENSOLDT offers systems for coastal surveillance, platform protection, situational awareness, ISTAR mission, navigation and SIGINT applications.

Drawing on a deep well of experience in radar, electronic warfare and optronics solutions, HENSOLDT has developed a wide spectrum of systems for land forces. They enable observation and tracking, situational awareness, reconnaissance and surveillance, platform and force protection as well as electronic attack and protection.

HENSOLDT offers state-of-the-art flexible, configurable and integrated sensor solutions for a variety of security applications. From border and wildlife security, critical infrastructure and large events protection to counter-drone solutions. All are managed by a highly innovative C2 system.

Cyber and Information Space
HENSOLDT develops security-hardened IT systems that are resistant to hacker attacks and inherent hardware vulnerabilities. The company also drives the linking of innovative AI technologies with existing sensor solutions, providing systems to control the information space, secure IT and tactical cyber security.

HENSOLDT is cutting-edge with regard to designing, developing, producing and testing space optronics and electronics solutions. These capabilities are complemented by the HENSOLDT Space Consultancy, which advises space agencies such as CNES, ESA and NASA on mission execution.

Business Area

1 - Integrated sensor solutions for Air, Land, Naval and Security
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The true might of HENSOLDT’s powerful sensors comes to show when they are combined as an integrated solution. A solution starts already with integrating two or three sensors with an intuitive management system but can be enhanced to a full networked system, fusing large amounts of data using artificial intelligence and augmented reality.

With the company’s solutions, detection capabilities are improved substantially, and a comprehensive operational picture with actionable intelligence is provided. The sensor-to-shooter cycle is completed with the integration of highly automated self-defence systems, counter-drone technology and advanced targeting systems

This relieves the decision-making burden on users, even in complex situations. In this way, HENSOLDT is offering users unprecedented possibilities.

Customers benefit from reduced complexity, less risk and cost and a quicker time to market as the number of suppliers can be minimized and equipment interoperability is guaranteed.

HENSOLDT offers solutions in the following segments:

Airborne Solutions

• Platform independent, scalable solutions for strategic and tactical Signals Intelligence (COMINT & ELINT)
• Scalable networks of airborne sensors that allow to collect, process and transmit intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR) data in real-time to support operational decision-making
• Mission systems that can fuse large amounts of data using AI and machine learning algorithms
• Flexible stand-alone self-protection suite combining different kinds of warning sensors, countermeasures and other avionic equipment

Land Solutions

• High understanding of the operators’ capability requirements and challenges
• Sensor-based reconnaissance and surveillance in all spectral ranges
• Sensor Data Fusion specialist for networked sensors of optronics, radar, self-protection, electronic warfare capabilities and laser communication
• With a network of sensors, effectors and signals intelligence capabilities, our Land EW systems provide superior situational awareness for effective decision-making

Naval Solutions

• Drawing from in-house sensor competence in every wavelength, we combine our Sensor Solutions (SERO, OMS, 360°-System) with IFF, GPS and ESM via Data Fusion into one intuitive Combat Management System (CMS)
• Our solutions enable the detection, identification and tracking of objects under all weather conditions
• LYNCEA is HENSOLDT´s embedded naval surveillance and defence CMS for patrol boats and surveillance frigates. It allows a tactical picture to be created, maintained, and monitored using on-board sensors

Security Solutions

• Merging HENSOLDT’s portfolio across air, sea and land domains to provide solutions that protect urban areas, critical infrastructure and borders
• State-of-the-art technology using radars, EO/IR sensors, RF sensors and non-kinetic countermeasures for drone mitigation
• Highly modular and scalable system solutions to effectively detect, track, classify threats on air, land and sea.
• Integrated solutions approach allows relocation, rapid deployment and multiple usage for Border protection, Coastal Surveillance and Critical infrastructure protection

Premium sensors for defence and security
HENSOLDT defence industry developer of Land Air Sea Solutions and Products Germany Air 925 001
At the heart of HENSOLDT’s business lie sensors for superior performance in any environment. With decades of experience, we provide systems based on radar, IFF, opto-electronic, electronic warfare, avionics and cyber technology to support armed and security forces. By detecting a wide range of objects and targets, our products provide the best possible support to those who protect and defend us and our values.

In complex threat scenarios, one can only achieve deterrence and superiority – and therefore survivability and effectiveness – if one’s forces can perform the Find, Fix, Track, Target, Engage, Assess cycle faster and more effectively than the enemy.

Therefore, we enhance our sensors with state-of-the-art, artificial intelligence and data driven software to ensure that the people who make the decisions get the best information that they need at the right time for responsible control and management of their own platforms, sensors and weapons.

The HENSOLDT portfolio aligns with the core technologies we provide and divides into the following segments:


Product groups: Air Surveillance Radars | IFF and Data Links | Airborne Radars | Ground-based Radars | Naval and Coastal Radars | Commercial Shipping Solutions | Space Radars

• Most advanced wide field of regard AESA radar for Typhoon – ECRS MK1 system design
• Paving the way for autonomous air vehicles in commercial airspace with Detect & Avoid radar technology
• New PrecISR surveillance radar family with unique interface to the aircraft
• Innovative first passive radar product on the market
• COBRA best-in-class counter-battery radar
• Radars from the 60‘s still in operation
• Identification-friend-or-for (IFF) and Air Traffic Management systems according to latest Mode 5/Mode S standards


Product groups: Airborne Optronics | Vehicle Optronics | Sights, Scopes and Night Vision Attachments | Surveillance Optronics | Maritime Optronics | High-Performance Optronics | Optronic Sensor Devices

• More than 30 years proven track record for optronics on Leopard 2 MBT
• Technology leader for periscope and optronic masts for submarines, delivered to over 20 naval forces worldwide
• World leader in missile and laser warning systems with 9000 sensors sold
• Weapon sights selected for the Future Soldier program of the German Bundeswehr “Infanterist der Zukunft” (IdZ-ES)

Spectrum Dominance

Product groups:Electronic Support and SIGINT | Receivers | Direction Finders | Electronic Attack and Jammers | EW Self-Protection | EW Software Suites and Ground Support Stations | Electronic Warfare Systems | Cyber and Analytic

• Kalætron Integral – world-class SIGINT system
• Kalætron RWR radar warning receiver - adaptive detection and classification of threats
• Kalætron Attack escort jammer - based on AESA technology
• Outstanding COMS signal analysis
• Tactical EW systems in worldwide service
• OSINT platform enhances decision support in any phase of operations


Product groups:Mission Management | Situational Awareness | Airborne Computing | Flight Data Recording | Cyber Secure Connectivity | Ground Stations | Displays
• Certified and qualified Airborne Computers - over 35 years of experience in Mission Computing
• Mission Planning Support as an all-in-one-network-based and modular solution
• Mission Management and Pilot Assistance Products will fulfil all requirements of pilots and operators during flight
• Certified Flight and Mission Data Recorder with combined recording of voice, data & video

Services for the entire product life cycle
HENSOLDT defence industry developer of Land Air Sea Solutions and Products Germany services 925 001
HENSOLDT products often have to last multiple decades. Consequently, it must be possible to adapt them to new challenges during this time, which also means that users need ongoing training.

That is why HENSOLDT divided its Service portfolio into three strategic areas: Aftermarket Product and System Support, Simulation Solutions and Special Services. Based on decades of experience, all three areas contribute significantly to customers satisfaction with HENSOLDT products.

Aftermarket Product and System Support - From development to decommissioning
The Aftermarket Product and System Support area forms the core of HENSOLDT’s service offering. With different service agreements and an entire catalogue of customer services, up to and including full-service offerings, HENSOLDT ensures functionality is maintained throughout each product’s entire life cycle.

With service centres around the world, HENSOLDT’s customer services team supports several hundred direct customers in keeping them operational.

Complementing training courses with their modular concept form an interface between HENSOLDT equipment and the people who operate and maintain it.

Simulation - When theory becomes practice
Simulation systems proves that breaking new ground is now practically routine practice for Services. HENSOLDT provides train simulation solutions for train drivers in Germany, Italy and India, for instance. And in defence demand for simulators is rising due to ever more challenging operational requirements in relation to increasingly complex technology. In this context, HENSOLDT is currently developing training simulators for its radars, naturally with Services at the helm.

Special Services offer tailored solutions for HENSOLDT products and third-party portfolios. For example shelters, test benches, testers and off-grip power systems are provided.

Services by HENSOLDT keep armed and security forces operational.



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