CNIM from France launches military New Generation Motorized Floating Bridge

French Company CNIM Group has announced on March 23, 2021, the launching of its new Next Generation Motorized Floating Bridge PFM NG (Pont Flottant Motorisé Nouvelle Génération in French) concept. The new floating bridge system will be available in the first half of 2021.
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Technical drawing of New Generation Motorized Floating Bridge. (Picture source CNIM)

The new generation of a motorized floating bridge (PFM NG) will be available in two versions including the PFM LG which is based on a 6x6 military truck and semi-trailer with the launching system while the PFM XP has the launching system mounted on flatrack pallet carried by an 8x8 military truck chassis.

To meet terrain and tactical operational requirements, the PFM NG can be deployed in bridge or ferry configurations. According to CNIM, the new floating bridge has crossing capability MLC 90 for tracked vehicles and MLC 100 for wheeled vehicles.

The PFM NG is available in three configurations including ferrying modes and one bridging system. In ferry configuration, the bridging system can be configured with 3 sections and two ramps as well as 4 sections and 2 ramps. In bridge mode, it has a cross capability of 100 and can be built in 30 minutes by a team of 22 people and operated by 4 engineer soldiers.

Suitable for all types of truck carriers and available in two module lengths (6.75 m and 10 m), the PFM is compatible with all 8x8 truck carriers used by modern armed forces and can also be deployed from special semi-trailer trucks.

Featuring high-performance integrated engines, PFM NG modules are controlled from a single remote control & command system, allowing for quick and easy construction and deployment and reducing the logistical footprint (no need for auxiliary craft) and a number of operators.

With the ability to take two different access ramps (tactical or modular) for adapting to all military tactical operational missions requirements, the PFM NG is interoperable with all floating bridges in service.