French Engineer School in Angers receives first Upgraded Motorized Floating Bridge

In October 2018, the technical section of the French Army responsible for managing armament programs proceeded with the technical and operational evaluation (EVTO) of the Upgraded Motorized Floating Bridge (PFM F2).
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Reception of the first PFM F2 tractor with two modules, thus offering the possibility of passing almost all vehicles in the Scorpion range with its class 40 doors (Picture source: Twitter account of ecolegenieangers/Ecole du Génie à Angers)

The French Army underlined the new tactical and operational strengths of the upgraded PFM: “Feedback on France’s recent engagements, notably in Africa, clearly illustrated the need for a wet gap crossing capability providing a vital operational advantage” explains the Manager of this evaluation procedure.

In this context, the PFM represents a major advantage for wet gap crossing operations: “Renovating the PFM was aimed at extending its crossing capabilities, from logistical crossing to tactical crossing operations, while preserving all its existing capabilities,” adds Major Quentin, in charge of the Renovated PFM evaluation campaign.

Without compromising the crossing capabilities of the existing version, CNIM has reduced the logistic support requirements of its PFM Motorized Floating Bridge to answer the new operational needs of the French Army:
* optimizing human resources: a single remote control station to operate the PFM modules;
* reducing the logistics footprint and cutting deployment time: ramps incorporated in modules.
Example of savings made for a 20-meter ferry:
* Number of vehicles required: -50%
* Personnel: -70%

Army Recognition Global Defense and Security news

Air transportable version by Airbus A400M Atlas of Motorized Floating Bridges, with short ramps incorporated into the modules (Picture source : French army)

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