Egypt shows interest in manufacturing Turkish HISAR surface-to-air missiles locally

According to information published by the "Tactical Report" website on April 1, 2022, Egypt could be interested to cooperate with the Turkish Defense Industry for the manufacturing of the HISAR missile developed and designed by the Turkish Company Roketsan.
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Turkish-made HISAR-O air defense missile system during live-firing tests. (Picture source SSB)

Citing the Turkish government, diplomatic relations between Turkey and Egypt are maintained at the level of Chargés d’affaires on both sides since 2013. The two Ministers of Foreign Affairs meet regularly on different occasions. Turkey’s Embassy in Cairo and Consulate General in Alexandria as well as Egypt’s Embassy in Ankara and Consulate General have regular meetings.

Egypt is a major commercial partner of Turkey in the African continent. Turkish and Egyptian businesspersons maintain close contact and continue to realize reciprocal visits.

The HİSAR is a family of short, medium and long-range surface-to-air missile systems being developed by Roketsan and Aselsan since 2007. The missiles are developed by Roketsan, while most sensors and electronics are developed by Aselsan. The missile family consists of two air defense missile systems including the HİSAR-A and the HİSAR-O.

The HISAR-A / HISAR-A+ is the short-range version in the HISAR family. Both HISAR-A versions are based on a tracked armored vehicle ACV-30 manufactured by the Turkish Company FNSS. The missile of the HISAR-A has a maximum altitude of 5 km and a maximum overall range of 15 km (at sea level). The HİSAR-A short-altitude uses a high explosive fragmentation warhead, which can be equipped with impact and proximity fuses to effectively destroy airborne targets flying at medium altitudes.

The HISAR-O / HISAR-O+ is the medium-range air defense missile system of the HISAR family. The missile launcher unit is mounted at the rear of a Mercedes-Benz Zetros 6x6 military truck chassis. The missile of the HISAR-A has a maximum altitude of 10 km and a maximum overall range of 25 km.