Belarus finalizes first tests of its 9A33-2B modernized version of 9K33 OSA air defense missile

According to information released by the UrduPoint website on August 6, 2020, Belarus has successfully finalized the first tests of 9A33-2B air defense missile system, a modernized version of the Soviet-made 9K33 Osa air defense system, NATO reporting name SA-8 Gecko.
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New Belarus9A33-2B  modernized version of OSA 9K33 Soviet-made air defense missile system. (Picture source Army Recognition)

The development of 9K33 OSA (SA-8 Gecko) air defense missile system was launched by the Soviet defense industry in 1960 and it entered in service with the Russian armed forces in 1972. The system is in service with many countries from all over the world including Algeria, Angola, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Croatia, Czech Republic, Greece, India, Iraq, Jordan, Libya, Poland, Russia, South Africa, Syria, Tajikistan, Ukraine, and Serbia.

The SA-8 was the first mobile air defense missile system incorporating its own engagement radars on a single vehicle. It is armed with 6 missiles ready to fire, mounted on the roof of a BAZ-5937, fully amphibious, and air-transportable 6x6 military truck chassis.

An improved system designated the SA-8B `Gecko' Mod 1, was first seen in Germany in 1980. It had improvements added to the launcher configuration, carrying six missiles in ribbed containers. The system is reported to be of the frequency-agile monopulse type. It consists of an elliptical rotating surveillance antenna mounted on top of the array, operates in H band (6 to 8 GHz), and has a 30 km acquisition range against most targets. The large pulsed J band (14.5 GHz) engagement antenna is mounted below it in the center of the array and has a maximum tracking range of about 20 km.

All versions of the 9K33 feature all-in-one 9A33 transporter erector launcher and radar (TELAR) vehicles which can detect, track and engage aircraft independently or with the aid of regimental surveillance radars.

Since its entry into service, the 9K33 OSA has been modernized by many countries to improve its detection capabilities and firing range.

Belarus defense industry has launched a program to modernize the Soviet-made OSA 98K33 under the name of 9A33-2B. The new system is fitted with new radio-electronic equipment to increase the performances of the air defense system in terms of detection and tracking and to improve the guidance system of the missiles.

Belarus finalizes first tests of its 9A33 2B modernized version of 9K33 OSA air defense missile 925 002
Russian army OSA 9K33 air defense missile system (Picture source Army Recognition)