Spanish Army to buy spare parts for 155mm howitzers

The Spanish Army has opened a tender with a budget of 4 million euros- for the acquisition of spare parts for the towed howitzers 155/52 model SIAC and V07.
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Spanish 155mm howitzer (Picture source: Spanish army)

The winning company will provide spare parts to the Army for the next four years, until November 2024. The total amount is divided into two lots: specific spare parts (2,400,000 euros) and common spare parts (1,600,000 euros). The supplies will be delivered to the Park and Center for the Maintenance of Armament and Artillery Material (Pcmayma), located in Valladolid. The file contemplates a possible extension for two more years (2025 and 2026) that would raise the estimated value to six million euros.

The Army has invited three companies to participate in the tender: Santa Bárbara Sistemas, SDLE and JPG, in addition to those that request it. The deadline for obtaining the specifications and submitting requests for participation in the procedure ends on September 7.

These 155/52 howitzers were produced by Santa Bárbara Sistemas at the Trubia Arms Factory and acquired at the beginning of this century. The Army has got 82 units of this 13-ton model of howitzer: 16 of the 155/52 V07 variant, in service in the coastal artillery units, and 66 of the 155/52 SIAC variant, used in the field artillery units. Both models have a rate of fire of eight rounds per minute. They can hit targets at a distance of 18 kilometers with ordinary ammunition, although the distance can be increased to 40 kilometers with the use of special ammunition.

The integrated system also consists of a Specific Tractor Vehicle (VET) model Iveco-Pegaso 250.40W that provides off-road mobility, double cabin and cargo box with capacity to transport the crew of the piece, as well as 16 complete shots (projectiles and loads).