GDLS to deliver latest version of its ARV Advanced Reconnaissance Vehicle to US Marine Corps

In a tweet posted by GD Land Systems on December 21, the company announced it is to deliver the latest version of its Advanced Reconnaissance Vehicle to the U.S. Marine Corps on Friday, December 23, 2022. The last competitors of this ARV program are Textron Systems and General Dynamics Land Systems, the latter claiming to have been continuously evolving and refining its ARV solution in alignment with the USMC’s future recon/counter recon strategy. An announcement declaring the winner of this contract worth up to $6.8 billion is not expected until late 2023.
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General Dynamics Land Systems' latest version of its ARV Advanced Reconnaissance Vehicle intended for the U.S. Marine Corps (Picture source: Twitter account of GDLS)

According to the Marine Corps, the Advanced Reconnaissance Vehicle (ARV) aims to be a new armored vehicle family to replace the Light Armored Vehicle (LAV). Since the 1980s, the Light Armored Vehicle (LAV) has supported Marine Air-Ground Task Force missions on the battlefield. While the LAV remains operationally effective, the life cycle of this system is set to expire in the mid-2030s…. The Advanced Reconnaissance Vehicle (ARV) will be highly mobile, networked, transportable, protected, and lethal. The capability will provide, sensors, communication systems and lethality options to overmatch threats that have historically been addressed with more heavily armored systems.

The Advanced Reconnaissance Vehicle (ARV) is imperative to realizing Marine Corps requirements for Fleet Marine Force 2030. The Marine Corps is interested in six variants of the ARV each with unique roles: command, control, communications and computers-unmanned aerial system (C4/UAS); organic precision fire-mounted; counter UAS; 30mm autocannon and anti-tank guided missile; logistics; and recovery. The winner's solution will be the most capability-dense platform available today.

The ARV is to be the primary combat system in Light Armored Reconnaissance (LAR) Battalions. The mission of the LAR Battalion is to:

* Conduct mounted and dismounted reconnaissance, surveillance, and security operations in support of maneuver.
* Conduct offensive and defensive actions, deception, and raids to create decisive conditions for the Marine Division and the supported unit commander.

Given the importance the USMC has put on transportability, fuel efficiency, and mobility, GDLS has invested a significant amount of effort to develop and build a platform that meets these requirements without compromising on the core capabilities (C4/UAS) of the program.