Turkish Roketsan increases power of TRG-300 Kaplan missile

Roketsan is increasing the capabilities of the Laplan (Tiger) missile (K+ /TRG-300) and weapon system, one of its most prominent products and currently included in the inventory of the Turkish and Azerbaijani Armed Forces.
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TRG-300+ Kaplan (Tiger) missile (Picture source: Roketsan)

Within the scope of the K+ Missile capability enhancement efforts by Roketsan, prototypes with an enlarged payload configuration were integrated with a more precise inertial measurement unit and an anti-jam unit to reduce the hijacking distance in a dense mixing environment. The K+ missile successfully passed the firing test at the Sinop Test Center in July 2020.

After a 6-year design, development and qualification process of Roketsan, the TRG-300 Kaplan missile system, which was delivered to the Turkish Armed Forces on November 18, 2016 and the first mass production delivery to the Turkish Armed Forces in June 2017 (range 30 - 120 km) Block II (20 - 90 km).

The basis of the Kaplan missile's ability to hit its targets precisely, which can provide timely, accurate and intense fire support, lies in the Global Positioning System (KKS) supported Inertial Navigation System (ANS). Kaplan missiles placed inside an insulated container can be stored, transported and launched in the in-pod missile configuration.

Army Recognition Global Defense and Security news
Roketsan TRG-300 missile presented at IDEF 2017 (Picture source: Army Recognition)

The Artillery Missile Tiger (Kaplan) TRG-300) missile can be launched from Roketsan-made MBRL Weapon System, T-122/300 MBRL Weapon System, MCRL-122/300 Launching Vehicles and other compatible platforms with suitable interfaces for integration.

The launcher is used to fulfill fire support missions for maneuvering forces against area/high pay-off targets, day & night and in adverse weather conditions. The launcher platform is integrated on a 6x6 Tactical Wheeled Vehicle (TWV) that has superior on-road and off-road travel capacity as well as a strong structure providing a reliable platform.

The launcher is also a deterrent force due to its long range and mass fire capabilities. It is therefore ready for vital tasks in a very wide array of missions from peace support operations to the attack with fire missions in addition to standard tactical missions for the support of a maneuvering force. The system has shoot-and-scoot capabilities enabled by navigation, automatic hydraulic leveling & stabilization and automatic cradle laying capabilities integrated to the weapon management system.

Thanks to its fully automatic weapon control, navigation and laying systems, the launcher has a crew of only three people: a commander, a gunner and a driver.