MAC JEE revolutionizes munition technology with its HiRel electronic fuze at WDS 2024

During the prestigious World Defense Show (WDS 2024), taking place from February 4th to 8th, 2024 in Saudi Arabia, MAC JEE showcased its latest advancement in munition technology, the HiRel electronic fuze. This fuze system, based on the Electronic Safe & Arm Device (ESAD) concept, represents a significant step forward in terms of reliability and affordability.
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Dagger aerial ammunition guidance kit equipped with Mac Jee HiRel fuze system (Picture source: Army Recognition)

The MAC JEE electronic fuze system is designed to be compatible with the majority of in-service weapon guidance kits and tail units, as well as high-explosive (H.E.) munitions used by NATO forces and the United States. It also complies with the DAGGER range extension and guidance kit, offering enhanced capabilities for hitting fixed and mobile targets with greater precision.

Among its notable safety features, the system has independent arming locks and dual, independent launch signals, ensuring high operational security. It is also capable of high-altitude release, thus broadening the scope of mission applications.

The DAGGER, an aerial munition guidance kit, incorporates arming and detonation functions into a single fuze system. Thanks to its programmable specific processor, the system promises easy future compatibility and development, meeting MIL-STD-1316 safety criteria and equipped with a DSU-33 interface.

MAC JEE's approach aims to surpass previous systems like the FMU-139 and FMU-152 A/B by adopting a purely electronic technology without the complexities and moving parts of traditional mechanical fuzes. This innovation allows not only cockpit reprogramming but also improved operational reliability through a design that facilitates safer factory testing and use.

Furthermore, the flexibility of the HiRel electronic fuze is enhanced by its open architecture, allowing the integration of virtually any protocol between MIL-STD-1760 and the core functions of the fuze, making the system agnostic to any guidance kit on the market.

With adjustable arming and detonation delay settings, along with a design devoid of moving parts powered by a self-contained battery, the MAC JEE system promises to redefine standards of reliability and safety in military operations. Its broad compatibility with existing armaments and varied operational conditions underscores MAC JEE's commitment to innovation and excellence in the defense field.

MAC JEE revolutionizes munition technology with its HiRel electronic fuze at WDS 2024 925 003

Mac Jee HiRel electronic fuze (Picture source: Mac Jee)