Chinese army commissions Jonyang JY813 new all-terrain vehicle for high-altitude logistics support

The Chinese People's Liberation Army (PLA) has recently received delivery of its new Jonyang JY813 all-terrain vehicle for logistics support missions in plateau regions with altitudes higher than 5,000 meters, Global Times reports.
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The Chinese People’s Liberation Army commissionsitsa new Jonyang JY813 all-terrain vehicle for high-altitude logistics support (Picture source: screenshot from China Central Television)

The Jonyang JY813 was developed in China by GJK, a Chinese subsidiary of Singapore Technologies Kinetics. Originally it was developed as a commercial vehicle, but was soon adapted to meet military needs. Commissioned with plateau transportation troops, the Jonyang JY813 can effectively solve the problem of difficulties in delivering goods to troops stationed in plateau regions, China Central Television (CCTV) reported on January 16. The Jonyang JY813 can tread over slopes of 35 degrees, the report said.

A baseline JY813 is a troop/cargo carrier. The maximum payload capacity is about 4,500 kg. The front unit can carry 1,100 kg, and the rear unit can carry 3,400 kg. This vehicle accommodates a driver plus 15 troops. The front unit has four side doors and accommodates 6 soldiers, including the driver. The rear unit has only a rear door. It accommodates 10 soldiers. Both front and rear units have roof hatches for observation, firing, and emergency exit.

The vehicle is powered by a Caterpillar C7 ACERT turbocharged diesel engine, developing 300 hp and coupled to an automatic transmission. The JY813 is fully amphibious: on water, it is propelled by spinning its tracks. Amphibious speed on water is 5 km/h. Maximum range on water is 40 to 50 km. The vehicle can be airlifted by a variety of aircraft and helicopters.

Thanks to the vehicle, even PLA troops stationed at altitudes higher than 5,000 meters can receive supplies promptly, CCTV reported. In a recent mission, the vehicle delivered dozens of boxes of instant noodles and barrels of mineral water, according to the report.