Ukraine MoD publishes list of military orders from NATO countries for 2021

As part of the state defense order, the Ukrainian Department of Military-Technical Policy, Arms and Military Equipment Development, bypassing intermediaries, placed orders for the Armed Forces of Ukraine from direct manufacturers, contacting the NATO Support and Supply Agency. The Ministry of Defense of Ukraine has published a list of military orders for 2021 placed in NATO. This was reported by the Ukrainian edition "ArmyINFORM" echoed by, website.
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Barrett M107 .50 sniper rifle (Picture source: Thomas Alvarez /Idaho Army National Guard)

The list lists 37 Lithuanian-made EdmaS-UA UAV countermeasures, 12 SL-520PEF systems for small arms, 90 American Barrett M107 sniper rifles, two underwater vehicles (presumably for combat divers), 150 sets of various parachute systems, MFTR-2100 radar system / 39 made in Denmark, two mine clearance machines with attachments BOZENA-4 and Bozena-5. 

Bozena 5 Demining System is a remotely controlled light de-mining system (commercialized in the Czech Republic) for mine clearance and for C-IED tasks assistance. It is equipped with a rotating flail-chain demining device. The system includes the primary machine body, flain device, operator´s cab and transport platform trailer. Beside demining, the machine can be used for clearence from bushes and low vegetation, and after change of working device also for transport and handling of dangerous material, or a remote-control digging/level machine. Its size and weight allow Bozena Demining System to work in space-limited conditions (inside forests and mountains, along plantations and obstacles). Due to its exceptional resistance against anti-tank mines (9 kg TNT) Bozena Demining System can be used in zones with high-threat contamination. There is a wide range of accessories and attachments available to enlarge the efficiency in field operations.

Army Recognition Global Defense and Security news

Bozena demining UGV (Picture source : Czech MoD)

For all ordered products, the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine has already sent an advance payment. Information on the timing of the delivery of products will come from the NATO agency shortly.

In addition, a contract was signed with a Turkish company for the supply of armor-piercing incendiary and blank ammunition for sniper rifles of 12.7 mm caliber.

Almost all of the above products were supplied to the Armed Forces of Ukraine before. The only exceptions are Bozena demining UGVs.

New purchases are a necessity for Ukraine in the sense that it has signed an agreement on cooperation with NATO countries in the military-technical sphere. For the execution of this agreement, it is necessary to place orders primarily in the NATO military-industrial environment.