KrAZ delivers first batch of Prime Movers to Ukraine to transport heavy military equipment

The first batch of KrAZ-6510TE Prime Movers was delivered by order of the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense. The vehicles will be used to transport heavy military equipment.
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KrAZ-6510TE (Picture source:KrAZ)

The first delivery includes three vehicles, the shipment was made on January 25th. The tractors were handed over to the Ministry of Defense after passing departmental tests.

All-wheel drive truck tractors KrAZ-6510TE with a 6x6 wheel arrangement are equipped with a 460 hp turbodiesel engine and automatic 6-speed gearbox and are capable of towing trailers with a gross weight of up to 70 tons. The vehicles can work as part of a road train for towing heavy military equipment - tanks, armored personnel carriers, artillery howitzers.

In addition, the vehicles are equipped with a hydraulic winch with a pulling force of 15 tons. This allows to tow damaged equipment from the battlefield. Earlier KrAZ supplied the all-wheel drive KrAZ-63221 6x6 for the needs of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Special army equipment will be installed on the chassis of this vehicle.

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