German Panzergrenadier Brigade 37 operates new Rheinmetall UTF trucks

In 2023, the Panzergrenadier Brigade 37 "Free State of Saxony" will form the core of the Very High Readiness Joint Task Force (VJTF), an association with a very high level of operational readiness. Two truck models from Rheinmetall MAN, with payloads of 5 and 15 tons, are used to perform transport tasks. The 65 UTF’s with their 440 hp engines replace the MAN vehicles that have served for 40 years.
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When driving the Rheinmetall truck up a steep slope, the performance of the UTF must be completely convincing. The descent is slow and controlled (Picture source: Bundeswehr / Philipp Roßbach)

The 4th company of Supply Battalion 131 uses the UTF during the military training area stay in Klietz. Robustness and mobility in difficult terrain are convincing. At the various stations of the off-road training course, the driver and vehicle are asked a lot. Waters that are 1.50 meters deep cannot harm the transporter. Steep slopes with a 50 percent gradient are feasible.

The "factory-fresh" trucks were previously taken over in the material warehouse in Karlsruhe. The return trip to the different locations of the brigade was also the first long test drive of the ten-meter-long rolling service providers. Modern assistance systems such as off-road ABS and automatic transmission make driving easier. A radio equips the trucks to avoid traffic jams.

Deployments of the armed forces and also basic operations require functioning logistics in which trucks are one of the core system elements. For the special tactical and technical requirements, Rheinmetall offers a wide range of highly mobile truck systems that can form the basis for reliable logistical tasks.

Adapted transport vehicles play a central role in the execution and success of a mission. Rheinmetall sees its "trucks" not only as a transporter but above all as a "supporter" of the emergency services. The concept for the military vehicles in the company's product portfolio is then based on the requirements of the users. Starting with a transporter as a commercial vehicle from the civilian standard product range (Commercial off the Shelf, COTS), commercial vehicles that have been adapted to military requirements and military standard commercial vehicles to military special vehicles, a wide range of transport vehicles is tailored to the respective needs tailored, offered.

Today's Rheinmetall military vehicles are based on MAN's Trucknology Generation (TG). Since 2010, Rheinmetall MAN Military Vehicles, the joint venture between Rheinmetall and MAN, has been responsible for the development, production and sales of products that are specifically tailored to the military customer base. For the logistic tasks of the armed forces, the vehicles were further developed in accordance with the military requirements. The key points here are reliability under all climatic conditions, off-road capability and, last but not least, occupant protection. While the Medium Mobility Truck System category is designed as a transporter system for medium mobility, the High Mobility Truck System covers the highest mobility levels (A and B).

The High Mobility Truck System consists of two series: the SX series as the current development stage of the original MAN gl and HX as a further development from the civilian TGA series. SX and HX vehicles are military-off-the-shelf (MOTS) products, in which reliable components from the large series are combined with technology specially designed for military needs. Examples include a special cooler arrangement, wading ability up to 1.50 meters and engines based on NATO's single-fuel concept. The trucks are designed for high payloads, robustness and mobility and are standard for ambient temperatures between -32 ° C (optionally up to -46 ° C) and + 49 ° C. The vehicles are adapted to the military requirements in a separate development department of the RMMV in Vienna, at the production location of the MOTS vehicles.

The SX is the current development stage of the original MAN gl. The vehicles in the SX series set high standards in off-road capability. With its off-road capabilities, the vehicle is often equal to tracked vehicles. The vehicle is designed for a lifespan of over 30 years. The necessary corrosion and long-term protection was coordinated with the German armed forces.

An extremely torsion-resistant box frame with hollow profile side members and welded pipe supports was developed for the SX. The progressive coil suspension for very long spring travel complements mobility and low torsion. This means that the bodies remain protected even in difficult terrain and when driving fast. On request, a hydropneumatic suspension with integrated, load-dependent shock absorbers and very large spring travel can be used on the rear axle for maximum driving stability under the toughest conditions.