VBMR Griffon armored vehicles delivered to a 4th French army unit

On July 6, the French Ministry of Defense announced that thirteen new Griffons had arrived in Fréjus for delivery to the 21st Marine Infantry Regiment (21st RIMa). The French Army already received 92 of these multi-role armored vehicles (VBMR, Véhicule Blindé Multi-Rôle) in 2019.
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VBMR Griffon delivered to the 21st RIMa (Picture source: French MoD)

The 21st RIMa thus becomes the fourth French army unit to receive these vehicles for which two combat companies will be formed from August for a period of two months. The training phase will allow pilots, shooters and group leaders to practice directly on the machine. From November, two other companies of the regiment will also be trained.

The VBMR Griffons, the first vehicles in the Scorpion program, are gradually replacing VAB APCs. Scorpion is a major change combining improvements in materials, vehicles but also a new modern and innovative working environment. Ultimately, the Griffon will be available in four versions: troop transport, command post, artillery observation vehicle, medical vehicle. Around 2,000 units will be delivered by 2025. The first vehicles will be rapidly deployed in external operations.

Army Recognition Global Defense and Security news

Each soldier is gradually trained throughout the Scorpion "universe" to be as efficient as possible (Picture source: French MoD)