Germany studies the possibility to purchase US or Israeli air defense missile system

According to information published by the "Alarabiya News" on June 30, 2022, Germany is studying the possibility to purchase a new air defense missile system from Israel or the United States which will be able to counter the Russian Iskander tactical missile.
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Germany looks to buy Israeli Arrow 3 or US THAAD air defense missile system

Israel and the United States have developed air defense missile systems especially designed to counter modern missile threats including Russian Iskander missile. Inded, the United States has developed the THAAD Terminal High Altitude Area Defense manufactured by Lockheed Martin while Israel has the Arrow 3 built by Israel Aerospace Industries.

Citing information from German military source, currently the German armed forces have no air defense system capable of intercepting the Russian Iskander missile and providing effective protection of European airspace.

The Iskander-M is the latest generation of tactical missile in the Iskander family fully designed and manufactured in Russia. It is a truck-mounted missile system based on an MZKT-7930 8x8 truck chassis. The Iskander-M missile can reach a land target at a distance of up to 400 km.

The THAAD or Terminal High Altitude Area Defense is a transportable air defense missile system which is able to intercept ballistic missiles during their final, or terminal, phase of flight. It incorporates an X-band radar, the AN/TPY-2, and a single-stage, hit-to-kill interceptor to defeat ballistic missiles inside or outside of the atmosphere.

The THAAD system can destroy air targets at ranges from 150 to 200 km.10 Unlike other missile defense systems, THAAD can intercept targets within (endoatmospheric) and outside (exoatmospheric) the atmosphere.

The Arrow 3 is an exoatmospheric hypersonic anti-ballistic missile, jointly funded, developed, and produced by Israel and the United States.

The missile launcher unit of Arrow 3 long-range anti-ballistic missile system consists of six erector-launchers tubes and ready-to-fire missiles, mounted at the rear of two-axle trailer. The arrow 3 missile is able to intercept ballistic missiles, especially those carrying weapons of mass destruction, at altitudes of over 100 km, and with a reported range of up to 2,400 km.