Royal Thai Marine Corps gets M72 EC Mk1 LAW antitank weapons

The M72 is a lightweight, easy-to-use, single-use rocket launcher available in several different variants, tailored to meet specific mission requirements. First introduced in the late 1960s, and manufactured in the United States and under license in Norway since 1966, the current versions of the M72 light antitank weapon, also referred to as Light Anti-Armor Weapon (LAW) builds on decades of operational and combat experience.
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Firing of an M72 LAW (Picture source: Nammo)

The M72 light antitank rocket launcher became popular during the Vietnam War, shooting, destroying tanks, armor and bunkers.

The Nammo M72 EC is disposable, easy to operate, extremely lightweight and powerful. The M72 EC is an Enhanced Capacity variant that may penetrate up to 450 mm RHA. The dual safe fuze and on-axis trigger equip the warfighter with an improved weapon system that is both safe and effective. The M72 EC LAW indeed has a higher penetration capability, as it is capable of penetrating up to 450 mm RHA (LAW Mk1) and 300 RHA (LAW Mk2). The M190 is their multiple-use training variant. The M72 EC LAW uses stabilized M73 solid-propellant rocket projectiles.

The Royal Thai Marine Corps is now starting to replace its Armbrust lightweight unguided anti-tank weapons with the 72 EC Mk1.

Army Recognition Global Defense and Security news
M72 LAW (Picture source: Nammo)