Rostec presents new optical sights for rifles

The Novosibirsk Instrument Making Plant (Refinery) of the Shvabe holding of the Rostec State Corporation has produced the first industrial batch of optical sights designed to operate at short and medium distances. The devices will be supplied to customers in Russia and Western Europe.
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The Novosibirsk Instrument-Making Plant of the Shvabe holding has launched the production of optical models PO104 and PO156 (Picture source: Rostec)

The Novosibirsk Instrument-Making Plant of the Shvabe holding has launched the production of optical models PO104 and PO156. The advantages of the devices include a wide viewing angle, diopter adjustment of the eyepiece and six-level illumination for any brightness level. In addition, the sights do not go beyond the dimensions of the weapon's receiver and, when worn on the shoulder, do not touch the shooter's ammunition elements. The volume of the first batch of new sights was about one hundred units.

On the technical side, the sights are almost identical to each other. The difference lies in the apparent magnification of the target - PO104 has two fixed positions of magnification - 1 and 4, and PO156 - 1.5 and 6 times. Instant change of magnification without taking the shooter's hand off the forend of the weapon is provided by a special switch in the lower part of the case.

PO104 and PO156 are modified versions of the PSU sight. Thanks to the improved reticle that adapts to different user tasks, the devices are suitable for both hunters and sportsmen. This is an innovative product that has no competitors in its price range, which allows it to occupy a free niche of budget tactical scopes with a discrete change of magnification in the arms market of Western Europe.

PO104 and PO156 are suitable for quick aiming with various types of rifled weapons with a Picatinny rail top. The mechanism for attaching to the weapon is quick-release with an additional lock against accidental opening.

“We will send part of the products of the first batch to the arms market of Western Europe. Russian customers will also get access to the new product. By the end of the year, if there is demand, we are ready to produce about 200 more products, ”noted Vasily Rassokhin, General Director of the refinery.

On the territory of Russia, the cost of PO156 is 39,930 rubles, the price of PO104 is slightly lower - 38,640 rubles.