Rheinmetall demonstrates its Lynx KF41 tracked armored IFV during NATO exercise in Hungary

According to a video released by the German Company Rheinmetall Defense on September 24, 2020, the Rheinmetall Lynx KF41 tracked armored Infantry Fighting Vehicle (IFV) is taking part in the NATO Exercise Brave Warrior in Hungary on September 22, 2020.
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German Company Rheinmetall demonstrates its new Lynx KF41 tracked armored Infantry Fighting Vehicle during NATO Exercise Brave Warrior in Hungary. (Picture source Print Screen YouTube account Rheinmetall Defense)

Brave Warrior 2020 is a NATO military exercise that takes place in western Hungary involving 1,500 soldiers from Hungary, Romania, Slovakia, and United States as well as 500 combat vehicles.

It was an opportunity for the German Company Rheinmetall defense to demonstrate the new KF41 tracked armored Infantry Fighting Vehicle (IFV) in a live theatre with allied troops for the first time.

On September 10, 2020, Army Recognition has published news to announce that Hungary has ordered 218 Lynx KF41 infantry fighting vehicles and nine Buffalo armored recovery vehicles.

According to a news published on May 5, 2020, on Jane's defense news website, Raytheon from the United States and Rheinmetall Defence from Germany will come back with a new modified version of the KF41 Lynx tracked armored IFV (Infantry Fighting Vehicle) that will respond to the new requests of U.S. Army's OMFV program.

The Lynx KF41 is a new generation of a tracked armored vehicle designed and developed by the German Company Rheinmetall Defense. The company presented its new Lynx KF41 infantry fighting vehicle (IFV) to the international public at Eurosatory 2018 defense exhibition in Paris for the first time.

The Lynx KF41 is a complete family of vehicles that utilizes a common drive module and a flexible mission kit arrangement to allow any base vehicle to be configured as an IFV, an armored personnel carrier, a command vehicle, a recovery vehicle, or an ambulance. Changing from one configuration to another can occur within eight hours.

The modular survivability systems of the KF41 Lynx provide unprecedented flexibility to use different types of ballistic and mine protection packages the can be easily exchanged, even in the field if needed.