Spanish Army awards maintenance contract of Leopard 2E MBT turrets to COHEMO

COHEMO, located in Madrid, has been awarded a contract by the Spanish army to maintain the Leopard 2E (Leopard 2 A6E) MBT turrets until 2021. The contract covers the revision and repair of the stabilization system, the sighting system, the stabilization system and the electronic equipment, among others.
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Spanish Leopard 2E MBT (Picture source: Spnish army)

This contract – which foresees a posible 3-year extensión – was awarded by the Spanish Army's Logistic Support Command (MALE), which received several offers including companies such as Indra and COHEMO. After an in-depth evaluation of the tenders and following different assessment criteria, the company was able to win the contract whose value amounts to EUR 6 million.

In addition to the aforementioned contract, the Madrid-based company has a wide range of agreements in force with the Spanish Army, including the supply of spare parts for the Leopard 2E and thermal cameras mounted on various armored vehicles.