Australia donates 15 Thales Bushmaster APCs to Indonesia

As reported by Defense Studies, during the 2+2 meeting of the Indonesian-Australian Ministers of Defense and Foreign Affairs in Jakarta, Australian Defense Minister Peter Dutton said that 15 Thales Bushmaster APCs were given to support Indonesia in carrying out the UN peacekeeping mission.
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Thales Bushmaster APC (Picture source: Thales Australia)

Indonesian Defense Minister Prabowo Subianto admitted to talking with Peter Dutton to discuss the possibility of procuring the APC Bushmaster from Australia in the future. In the 2+2 meeting, Prabowo and Dutton also agreed to sign an extension of defense cooperation or Defense Cooperation Arrangement between the two countries. Prabowo said the signing was the legal umbrella for defense cooperation between the two countries. He also hopes that, in the future, the two countries will increase the cooperation agreement into a Defense Cooperation Agreement.

The Thales Bushmaster is a highly mobile, ballistic, mine and IED blast-resistant Protected Mobility Vehicle (PMV). Bushmaster has an established family of modular armored vehicles offering high levels of protected mobility for combat, combat support and combat service support troops across a diverse range of mission profiles including troop movement, command and control, engineer support and ambulance variants.

Bushmaster has protected and saved lives during numerous incidents including offensive operations, ambushes and roadside bombings involving IED, FSP and RPG attacks, and comes with a range of field upgradeable protection packages depending on the threat environment.

The Bushmaster’s large internal volume within its monocoque body has open architecture that can be easily adapted to meet multi-role requirements even in the field. Externally, Bushmaster’s FOV has been designed with a modular approach allowing reconfiguration, and simplicity of repair with high levels of interchangeability between variants.